Plague of Scavengers (2.0)

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Ranger thumb.jpgRanger Guild
Plague of Scavengers
Abbreviation: PLS
Prerequisites: Swarm, Compost
Minimum Prep: 10
Casting Cap: Unknown
Valid Spell Target: Others
Description: The Plague of Scavengers spell summons an immense swarm of insects to infest corporeal beings, impairing their combat prowess as well as aggravating already bleeding wounds from time to time. Should the target not be bleeding, the bugs will not do anything further than distract. Adding more power to this spell increases the amount of bugs summoned, making the plague last longer.
Example Messaging: Unknown


  • Replaced with Curse of the Wilds. May be re-released as a TM spell.
  • Only target restriction is non-corporeal undead. The bugs lower the attack and defense of the target and aggravate already bleeding wounds. At high-level success it makes wounds impossible to tend.

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