Piny Pleasures

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Piny Pleasures
Province Therengia
Town Therenborough
Map Ranik's Map 42
# of Rooms 6
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Piny Pleasures, Foyer]
A strong scent of fresh-cut pine permeates the air, so pungent it almost makes the eyes water. Sawdust covers the entire floor in a layer at least a hand deep, most of it white in color, though a strip emanating from the shop's entrance has been packed flat into a discolored brown.

[Piny Pleasures, Tables]
Tables of all shapes and sizes, all of them crafted from various types of pine, line the walls. All of the pieces appear newly-created, their surfaces dust-free. You also see a sales clerk.

Item Price Done
elegant pine vanity 20,000   
virgin pine table 7,500   
knotty pine table 5,000   
oval pine table 7,500   
smooth pine table 20,000   
pine nightstand 5,000   
smoky pine table 5,000   
pine picnic table 12,500   
black pine table 8,500   
simple pine table 5,000   
bulky pine desk 14,000   

[Piny Pleasures, Odds-n-Ends]
Large piles of wooden blocks, only the occasional piece recognizable as furniture, squat upon every inch of the floor. Everything has a price tag, though it's not entirely clear all the items in the room were originally intended to look the way they do. You also see a sales clerk.

Item Price Done
splintered pine table 500   
worm-ridden pine wall 3500   
cracked pine altar 500   
massive pine stump 2,000   
worm-ridden pine floor 2,500   

[Piny Pleasures, Floors]
Long stripes of pine paneling hang from the walls, samples of flooring which Piny Pleasures has available for installation. Each piece sports a small tag denoting its price. You also see a sales clerk.

Item Price Done
scuffed pine floor 5,000   
smooth pine floor 10,000   
oil-coated pine floor 13,200   
virgin pine floor 15,000   
dusty pine floor 8,000   
dark pine floor 10,000   
knotty pine floor 10,000   
black pine floor 10,000   
varnished honey pine floor 12,500   

[Piny Pleasures, Beds]
Dozens of pine bed frames sit in neat, ordered rows, each awaiting an owner. You also see a sales clerk.

Item Price Done
massive pine bed 7,500   
small pine bed 3,000   
simple pine cot 2,000   
pine bunk bed 10,000   
pile of pine shavings 3,000   
hand-carved pine bed 12,500   
massive pine slab 8,000   
pine four-poster bed 11,000   

[Piny Pleasures, Walls]
The walls of this room are divided into neatly ordered sections, each paneled in a different type of pine. A sales clerk waits expectantly in one corner, eyeing patrons carefully as they enter and exit his domain.

Item Price Done
knotty pine wall 10,000   
smooth pine wall 10,000   
dark pine wall 10,000   
rough-hewn pine wall 7,500   
shiny honey pine wall 10,000   
polished pine wall 12,500   
virgin pine wall 15,000   

[Piny Pleasures, Doors]
Large piles of sawdust cover the floor of this obviously unused room. You also see a large pine sign.

A large pine sign reads:
Awaiting door license.  Merchandise coming soon!