Peaceful Intentions (1)

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Peaceful Intentions
Event Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras
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[Peaceful Intentions]
Graceful banners of white silk ring the small room, though no other efforts have been made to conceal the rusty steel walls, and a mildly soothing incense wafts through the shop. You also see an ornate sign, an oversized rack with a few things on it, a large rack with a few things on it, a medium rack with a few things on it, a small rack with several things on it and a steel door draped with white silk.
Obvious exits: none.

An ornate sign reads:
"All of the sheaths in my store include ties allowing one to TIE the sheath to secure their 
   blade for those socially delicate times.  While every sheath comes with a matched blade, 
  they need not remain together.  The sheaths on the small rack will only hold light edges, 
the medium rack medium edges, the large rack heavy edges and the oversized rack twohanded edges."
On an oversized rack
Item Price Done
deep blue snakeskin sheath draped with white ties - Contains an ornate claymore 150,000   
pale blue sheath strung with deep green ties - Contains a gleaming greatsword with acid etching along the blade 120,000   !!
fiery red back scabbard with loosely hanging firesilk ties - Contains a burnished two-handed sword with an emerald intaglio pommel 150,000   
On a large rack
Item Price Done
golden scabbard decorated with braided black ties - Contains a red-hued broadsword with a raccoon-shaped pommel 60,001   
tawny leather sheath with fine steelsilk ties - Contains a silvered longsword with a golden crossguard 70,000   
black scabbard decorated with coppery ties - Contains a hunting sword with a sweeping vulture hilt 150,000   !!
On a medium rack
Item Price Done
simple black sheath draped with stylish golden ties - Contains a slender rapier with golden quillons 60,000   
elegant purple sheath decorated by pink ties - Contains a jagged heron-shaped scimitar 120,000   
red sheath with loosely hanging ties - Contains a wavy sabre shaped like an inverted viper (1) 60,000   
On a small rack
Item Price Done
white lacquered sheath with elegant silken ties - Contains a gleaming short sword engraved with a howling coyote (1) 100,000   
black leather sheath with nightsilk ties - Contains a stiletto etched with a shrike in flight 100,000   
orange leather sheath with copper ties - Contains a slender dagger with a spider-shaped grip 60,000   
brown ox-hide sheath with wire ties - Contains a wide katar engraved with a lively weasel 60,000