Paladin Guildhall (Hibarnhvidar)

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Found in the Upper Cavern area of Hibarnhvidar via an entry at the far east. The Guildleader for this hall is Darius. Within this building is the Paladins' Guild, War Room library along with a number of refreshments, free tobacco and a serenity pool. The guildhall also contains the Memorial of Champions.

This Guildhall also has a book documenting its early history:

[Paladins' Guild, Dining Hall]
This circular hall is a tribute to the skilled design of the guild's architect. An expansive painted ceiling depicts a male Dwarf holding his arms out, each exaggerated arm extending down two walls. Wax candles glitter from a ruby and crystal chandelier and the wall sconces, creating light and shadows across the painted Dwarf. A long taborwood table with matching benches dominates the center of the room. You also see a pantry door.
Obvious exits: northeast.

On the long taborwood table
Item Price Done
some Dwarven sour bread 0   !!
a terracotta pot filled with kettle bread stew 0   !!
a honey-glazed fig 0   !!
some lance-shaped garlic breadsticks 0   !!
a slab of slow-roasted prime rib carved fresh upon a large wooden cutting board 0   !!
some roasted vegetable confetti in an herbed butter and wine sauce 0   !!
a flagon of Hibbles rum 0   !!
a mug of carnelian tea 0   !!
a jug of Lorefist cider 0   !!
a sugar-coated plum 0   !!
a mongoose-shaped pastry with a brown sugar glaze 0   !!

[Paladins' Guild, Cellar]
The scents of drying tobacco and herbs blend with that of aging ale and wine, creating an odd but not unpleasant odor within this large but cramped area. The walls are barely visible behind stacked barrels. The tobacco, hanging from wooden beams, scarcely allows a person space to walk without bumping against a bundle or two. You also see a barrel filled with tobacco and some steps.
Obvious exits: none.

In the barrel filled with tobacco
Item Price Done
copperleaf tobacco 0   !!
Dandee herbal tobacco 0   !!
Dwarven ribbon tobacco 0   !!
Farmer's Haven tobacco 0   !!
iron cut tobacco 0   !!
Lorefist Heritage blend tobacco 0   !!
Mountain Pass blend tobacco 0   !!
Randomly chosen, there is a timer of 1 day on how often you can GET some.

[Paladins' Guild, Guildleader's Quarters]
A large gaethzen sphere illuminates the area, lighting up the hues of dark brown and muted copper that make up the color scheme of the walls and furniture. A mid-sized canopy bed and walnut armoire fill the bulk of the room, while a glass bar and stove are tucked away in the corner. You also see an engraved rosewood door and a tapestry embroidered with a large oak tree.
Obvious exits: none.

On the glass bar
Item Price Done
a barrel of Chadatru's Justice 0   
a flagon of fresh spring water 0   !!
a flagon of snowdrop bitter 0   !!
Also on the bar you see a suede bound journal and several empty wine bottles with handwritten labels.

[Chapel of the Last Hope, Spiritual Gardens]
Sweet jasmine and orchids, resting in hanging brass pots, exude fragrances that fill the senses with each breath taken. A pale yellow luminescence hangs heavy in the room, providing light to the foliage living here. You also see a small granite building and some massive iron doors.
Obvious exits: none.