Packrat's Paradise (3)

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Packrat's Paradise
Event Rathan Carnival
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Packrat's Paradise, Sales Floor]
Containers literally surround you in this tent, as used and battered ones have been sewn together to make a crude patched shelter in which to sell goods. Several lanterns of different makes hang on drawstrings from various bags on the ceiling. The warm light from the lanterns reveals shabby decor around the room, and mostly secondhand fixtures. The items for sale resting on the furniture, however, are far from second rate. You also see a torn schedule, a crooked alteration rules board, a tarnished brass-edged box with some stuff on it, a rotting table with some stuff on it, a stout barrel, a torn canvas curtain, a crooked notice, a patched leather flap and a rickety rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

A torn schedule:
No one is waiting on this schedule.

Up to 5 people may sign up on the torn schedule.
Players of any race and profession may join the list.
There is no charge to sign up on the torn schedule.
The selection order is first-come, first-serve.

The torn schedule is closed.
Leaving the game is allowed. You MUST be back by your turn.
Leaving the room is allowed. You MUST be back by your turn.
You may only be on ONE list at a time. Joining another will remove you from the first. 
A crooked alteration rules board:
|                                                        |
| We here just got simple rules, but ya better obey 'em! |
|                (Or we'll throw ya out!)                |
|                                                        |
| 1) Have your design ready, if you don't, we'll throw   |
|    you out.                                            |
| 2) If you don't accept our changes when we say that's  |
|    all we can do, we'll throw you out.                 |
| 3) Our prices vary, but if you think we charge too     |
|    much, we'll throw you out.                          |
| 4) We got runners, but if you complain about their     |
|    speed, we'll throw you out.                         |
| 5) If you join a list a second time, we'll throw you   |
|    out.                                                |
| 6) We have the right at any time to throw you out for  |
|    any reason.                                         |
| 7) If you don't think we have the right to throw you   |
|    out, we'll throw you out anyway.                    |
|                                                        |
A crooked notice reads:
"If we feel like workin' on more stuff, we be coming out and working on people's 
stuff and stuff. There be lots of us, so we don't know who be comin' out when. 
Some of us will do different stuff than others, just ask what stuff we do. 
We all just work on containers though, and mostly just stuff from here, other stuff is bad. 
Pockets DO NOT count as containers, don't ask." 
On the brass-edged box
Item Price Done
"Each of these little things here gots at least one something in them, what it is, we ain't telling, you'll have to find out."
small oak treasure chest with reinforcing iron strips - Contained a clear crystal necklace cut to look like a string of diamonds and a fake gold disk 2,932   
small nest-shaped doll pouch - Contained a fluffy brown sparrow doll 2,183   
soldier's supply bag - Containsmushy gruel, a wooden food bowl, a slender eating knife, and some handcarved wooden dice 1,937   
colorful candy bag painted with various stylized animals 1,143   No
On the rotting table
Item Price Done
pink silk-lined baby basket with soft leather straps 2,715   No
blue silk-lined baby basket with soft leather straps 2,715   No
soft velvet knapsack sewn with dozens of tiny colorful beads 1,825   
elegant jeweled handbag 12,345   No
small ankle pouch with an embroidered strap 987   
leather-wrapped wicker creel 1,953   No
tanned leather saddle bags worked with the image of a horse in mid-gallop 1,732   
In the stout barrel
Item Price Done
shadowy black handkerchief tied to a dark stick 187   
faded green handkerchief tied to a crooked stick 124   No
knotted red handkerchief tied to a smooth stick 142   No
On the rickety rack
Item Price Done
grey goat-pelt sporran adorned with carved wooden buttons 1,500   !!
duffel bag with an embroidered sea serpent strap 1,210   !!
soft shoulder satchel covered with silken blossoms 2,400   !!
leather hiker's rucksack 3,423   
mottled reaver-hide sack with bone-tipped strings 1,342   
blood-red thigh bag with a carved silver skull 27,420   
small arm pouch with an embroidered strap 665   !!
handmade purple silken knapsack adorned with delicately embroidered golden dragons 11,812   !!
curved shoulder satchel crafted to resemble a ship 11,812   
shopping sack embroidered with the image of a Dalesian packrat 600