Olgoidan's Wish Eggs

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Note: This shop is on the Street of Stoneworkers

Olgoidan's Wish Eggs
Province Therengia
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47
Owner Olgoidan
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Trinket shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Olgoidan's Wish Eggs]
Layer upon layer of shelving fills this cramped shop, each wooden plank hosting a multitude of stone eggs in a variety of divergent shapes and sizes. The eggs, clearly the central focus of the store, are popular items in Muspar'i as it is believed they bring good fortune. You also see a white door.

On the Shelving
Item Price Done
A placard reads: The oasis symbolizes long life, the row of small eggs symbolizes many children, the red cobra symbolizes a strong ru'at, the yeehar symbolizes great artistry, the diamonds symbolize great wealth, the dead molloky'i symbolizes combat prowess, and the sunburst symbolizes political power.
stone egg painted with a radiant sunburst pattern 5,100   
stone egg painted with a row of diamonds 4,800   
stone egg painted with the image of a rearing yeehar 4,050   !!
stone egg painted with the image of a red cobra 4,700   
stone egg painted with a row of smaller eggs 3,900   
stone egg painted in azure and orange with an oasis scene 4,400   
stone egg painted with a slain molloky'i 4,100   

NOTE: At this time the Wish Eggs are not pawnable in any known pawnshop.