Near an Outstretched Carpet

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Near an Outstretched Carpet
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Ratha
Map Ranik's Map 90
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Ratha Bazaar, Near an Outstretched Carpet]
A S'Kra Mur woman dressed in an enveloping blue robe squats beside a brazier set out on a faded carpet at one side of the bazaar. The spicy aroma of roasting meats wafts through the air as she opens a pot to serve her customers. A wooden menu board leans against an upturned crate filled with the large leaves which she uses instead of dishes.

Menu Board
Item Price Done
1) Fragrant Coconut Rice 20   
2) Almond Rice Pilaf 25   
3) Blueberry Walnut Chutney 15   
4) Curried Almonds and Shrimp 50   
5) Spicy Vegetables and Chicken 45   
6) Fried Lentil Patties 35   
7) Spicy Flame-glazed Lamb 55   
8) Toasted Coconut Flakes 10