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Province Therengia
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47
Owner Malkhhan
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Clothing shops, S'Kra Mur shops
This store only accepts Lirums


[Naarti'hhs'naartin, Foyer]
Frosted glass lanterns fill the foyer with soft light, complementing the warm wood paneling and thick, dark rugs. A polished oak table laden with champagne sits in one corner, its lamp shaded with blue glass that casts a sapphirine glow on the wood behind it. There are no windows, the better to close out the street sounds outside, but the ceilings are vaulted, creating an illusion of immense space.

On the oak table
Item Price Done
a champagne bottle and some crystal champagne flutes 0   


[Naarti'hhs'naartin, Hallway]
Two elegantly garbed mannequins dominate the center of the hallway, set to either side of a simple wooden door made of rare desert pine. The wall paneling becomes more elaborate here, carved at floor and ceiling with tiny flowers. The pattern seems to extend the full length of the long hallway without repeating. You also see a narrow sandalwood door and a tall stand with a thickly quilted white winter gamantang stitched with a delicate crosshatch pattern on it.

On the tall stand
Item Price Done
thickly quilted white winter gamantang stitched with a delicate crosshatch pattern 20,000   

West, South

[Naarti'hhs'naartin, Men's Wear]
Paneled in dark, fragrant sandalwood, the room is tasteful and bordering on austere. Its only decoration is a delicate herringbone pattern carved into the wood just below the ceiling, encircling the room. Small brass censers emit thin strands of blue smoke, filling the air with the scent of tiger lily incense. You also see a low table with some stuff on it, a chest of drawers, and a set of hardwood mannequins with some stuff on it.

On the low table
Item Price Done
pair of formal tooled leather sandals with bright silver clasps 2,000   
pair of black leather cord sandals 400   
pair of soft leather sandals dyed a deep chocolate brown 400   
In the chest of drawers
Item Price Done
belt of tiny hammered silver discs interlocked at the edges in a weave pattern 25,000   
dark gold silk sash with a fringe of braided horsehair 20,000   
wide silk belt woven through with thin silver chain and clasped with a coiled king snake buckle 20,000   
light watered silk sash banded with slashes of dark forest green 20,000   
On the hardwood mannequins
Item Price Done
unadorned but well cut black silk gamantang 10,000   
flowing gamantang of golden silk patterned with rippling sand 10,300   
heavy brushed-silk mantle embroidered with a large golden cobra 5,000   
pale tan gamantang with dagged sleeves and deep black sandcat stripes running up the arms 17,500   
silvery-grey silk gamantang embroidered with a golden phoenix in glory 20,000   

West, North

[Naarti'hhs'naartin, Women's Wear]
Tiny wooden panels no larger than a Halfling's thumb cover the floor below from wall to wall, forming an intricate pattern of swirling waves. A large cabinet carved in the same pattern presides over the room, set between two bright oil lanterns. Before it sits a low table, and on the far end of the room a tall rack shares a corner with an array of wooden mannequins.

On the low table
Item Price Done
pair of soft calf leather sandals the color of rich buttercream 500   
pair of silvery painted leather sandals with delicately dangling snowflake charms 500   
pair of light leather sandals 200   
pair of black leather sandals worked with a rainbow of glass beads 400   
On the tall rack
Item Price Done
pair of wide charcoal grey trews with black silk dragons coiled about the ankles 8,000   
long supple split skirt of midnight black silk charmeuse 20,000   
In the cabinet
Item Price Done
flowing white silk tail drape embroidered with a spiral of tiny blue flowers 8,000   
deep scarlet tail drape intricately painted with black feathers 6,000   
dark sapphire-blue tail drape edged with tiny silver stars 8,000   
richly flowing tail drape made of golden Musparan silk brushed to shine 10,000   No
diaphanous tail drape made of feathery silk the color of dark burnished bronze 8,000   
diaphanous sash of royal blue crepe chiffon with a silver star clasp 25,000   
On the mannequins
Item Price Done
light summer gamantang of dove grey cotton dyed with lush green batik pine boughs 6,000   
softly draping cloak of dark violet silk embroidered with a single white orchid 30,000   
simple silk gamantang embroidered black on black with twining roses 20,000   
deep wine-colored silk gamantang covered with white plum trees painted in full bloom 20,000   
billowing silvery silk gamantang painted with tiny black flowers 17,500