Moonbender Timeline

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Moonbender Timeline

N/A -- The World Dragon hatches from Grazhir. It battles against the Gods, but is placed to sleep and then banished to Elanthia's core. Wounded Peri'el is set to watch over it.

3140 BL?? – or earlier -- First seers drawn to the obelisks to learn of Plane of Probability ( Katamba recorded as being golden topaz in color

3140 BL?? – Thee Mottl’d Tyxte written (

3140 BL ?? – reported by Phildonius that Katamba was blackened around this time ((

1200 BL – Activation of the Deceiver Device (associated with Tezirah) begins (

846 BL -- The Bloodworm Comet appears in the stars of the Mongoose (

841 BL --The release of a Shadowmaster Lord kills Emperor Chezarek; The Second reign of Empress Moliko begin ( (

718 BL --Tezirah Eilsina forms the Saesordian Cabal(

718 BL – According to Lorethew Arkelli Feirgeth, there is an unsubstantiated report that Tezirah received knowledge from a translucent obelisk in crossing (( and

706 BL -- The Seven Star Empire outlaws sorcery and all knowledge purged from magical guilds

703 BL --The Sphere, or Deceiver Device, activated from Tezirah’s mansion likely releasing a shadowmaster (

703 BL to 701 BL?? Tezirah executed for practice of sorcery. Some say Tezirah was killed in 700 BL, but we know this is false because Tezirah was killed during Empress Demin I reign and her reign ended in 701 ( Aaoskar asserts that Tezirah was killed in 703 because Heronyus Kalestraum reformed the Saesordial Cabal 73 years after the death of Tezirah. (

627 BL Veila Tebaiya opens the Phelim Club

624 BL Heronyus Kalestraum reforms the Saesordian Cabal (73 years after the death of Tezirah according to ( This would make the year 624 if Tezirah was killed in 703.

612 BL Alicia Crowther leads a schism of the Saesordian Cabal, forming the Progeny of Tezirah

610 BL Jares Braun opens the Phelim Club Orphanage to train students into Phelim's Compact (

598 BL The Celestial Compact becomes associated with the Seven Star Empire's throne

594 BL Jares Braun appoints advisors to Ponthilas Lucaid

592 BL Construction begins on the Ponthilas Imperial Observatory

589 BL Construction on the Ponthilas Imperial Observatory is halted

588 BL The First Magical Congress is called (

586 BL --The Lunar Accord is signed; --The Imperial Guild of Moon Mages receives Board of Wizardry sanctioning ( --Under Jares Braun, the Lunar Accord was signed, and the Guild of Moon Mages was formed. The six signatories, who shall be remembered for all times, were: Jares Braun, Alicia Crowther, the first Kir, Madelle Firejuggler, Mizuhari, and the Nameless One (,_Volume_1_(book))

582 BL Construction on the Ponthilas Imperial Observatory resumes and is completed

563 BL The majority of the Moon Mage Council is brought before an inquisition

408 BL The Bloodworm Comet appears in the stars of the Mongoose

290 AV: Tezirah’s mansion rediscovered by Taramaine Ennis-Braun, Lady Demosel, Mortom, Erzebet Crowther, and Grell. (

309 AV Morton rediscovers the book Thee Mottled Tyxte.

351 AV -- A Mirror Wraith delivers a prophecy

356 AV (100:3) --An obelisk is excavated near Therenborough at Ker’Leor (

356:109:3 AV – The obelisk at Ker’Leor is activated. Since Grazhir was no longer in the sky, this resulted in the obelisk melting ((

356 ?? AV – Later, after the Ker’Leor obelisk was discovered, the one in Taisgath was discovered ((

361 AV (month and day uncertain) : G'nar Pethian Cryeole first amended the Celesticon and later Lady Erzebet Crowther, each commenting that according to the Book of Prophecies, G’nar Peth was first “touched” ages before the existence of the provinces. This information refers to the G’nar Peth receiving information about the Phoenix constellation being used to retune cambrinth. (,_The:_Prologue)

361:144:4: Councilman Zeltir Cra'Feldor noted several magi can gather together to open a larger hole to the plane of probability, and through that, tap into the web of fate to see more of the future. Unfortunately, each such attempt resulted eventually in the release of a shadowmaster, or as with the one on Taisgath, a disturbing vision. And so this line of research was put aside at the request of the Council until the future. ((

361 AV (303:8) – Tezirah’s mansion obelisk was discovered

362 AV-- Khaman Vairson first student elected to Moon Mage Council

362 AV -- Lechsu attacks the Moon Mage Council, killing several

362 AV --The Moon Mage Guild's High Council is assassinated

362:236:6 -- Guildmaster Prime activated the deceiver device, trying to sever the connection between the plane of abiding and the plane of probability. This instead opened a vortex that released Tezirah. Eventually, ,she is sent back into the Plane of Probability, concluding the Mirror Wraith Prophecy

368 AV -- (~day 338) All magic is drained from the lands for many months (and Meraud Lavender Prank occurs)

372 AV -- (~day 370) Children of Kalestraum temporarily sever the Moon Mages’ link with the Plane of Probability

392 AV -- The stars vanish from the night sky. Strange events lead to the organization of the first Festival of the Gods, Hollow Eve.

400 AV (day 361, 1 Nissa the Maiden) -- Frozen Heavens obelisk Grazhir Disk is removed by an adventuring dwarf and later reclaimed by the Children of Kalestraum

407 AV -- (Dolefaren) Hand of Meraud stolen from a Moon Mage Vault and resulted in a horrendous mana explosion and changes to magic itself (DR 3.0)

416 AV -- (13 Molik) -- Planar rift opens at the obelisk in the Frozen Heavens. Nimbii attack the Moon Mage guild in Shard. Mortom states that the rift was an attack, but does not state who opened the rift. It is presumed unlikely that the nimbus opened the rift.

425 AV -- Trader Guild negotiates with the Arbiter in Darkness gaining spellcasting abilities

434 AV -- (5 Arhat the Fire Lion (day 205) 434 AV) Quentiana leads a Dance for the Spirits, attempting to restore peaceful relations between Moon Mages and the Nomad Spirits (or Entities from the Plane of Probability)

434 AV -- 09-37 10:16 – Gorbesh Time Anomaly Mazrian and others planned to talk to Veralos and the Gorbesh who were leading temporal raids. Veralos corrected the temporal anomaly by severing a line of temporal entanglement, saying “Ah, well, it's cleaned now, a twisted line cut. Works. Next time don't let the Inquisition proffer your lands to invaders from the past."