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The Moon Mage Attunement skill is vastly different than the attunement and power perception used by other guilds. While the mana other guilds perceive changes by location, Moon Mages' mana changes with time, meaning that the amount of lunar mana available will be the same regardless of where the Moon Mage is. The available mana reflects the state of celestial objects such as the three moons and the planets.

Power Perception

Moon Mages have a special affinity for power perceiving and as such have a much wider range of perceivable objects. The following options for the Perceive command are available to Moon Mages:

  • PERCEIVE: Indicates the relative power of each Moon Mage spellbook and any active spells on the user.
  • PERCEIVE <Katamba, Yavash, or Xibar>, or PERCEIVE MOONS: Indicates the current phase, position, and mana contribution of each moon, or of all moons simultaneously.
  • PERCEIVE <Moonlight Manipulation, Psychic Projection, Perception, or Enlightened Geometry>: Indicates the current mana level available to the user in each of these spellbooks.
  • PERCEIVE MANA: Indicates the mana level for all four spellbooks simultaneously.
  • PERCEIVE TELEOLOGIC SORCERY: If the mage has knowledge of Teleologic Sorcery, indicates the available mana for the spellbook as well as the duration of any currently active Teleologic spells.
  • PERCEIVE PLANETS: Indicates which planets are within the range of the user’s Attunement perception.
  • PERCEIVE <person|creature>: Detects whether the target is a magic user and identifies any active spells on the target.
  • PERCEIVE MOONBEAM: Detects active moonbeams from Focus Moonbeam in the area.
  • PERCEIVE WATCHERS: Detects active clairvoyant surveillance or scrying in the area.

More Information

With enough skill, a Moon Mage can eventually perceive the precise degree of the moons above and below the Elanthian sky. For sake of ease, the degrees are based relative to the Taisgath obelisk.[1] This also works with the PERCEIVE MOONS option.

When perceiving people or creatures a Moon Mage is granted some insight into a couple things. The Moon Mage can tell if the person or creature is a magic user and what type of mana they use. As well as any spells they are preparing or have affecting them and if they are holding mana.

Another aspect of Moon Mage power perception is detecting and scrying or magical watching by PERCEIVING WATCHERS or PERCEIVING CLAIRVOYANCE. An off shoot ability in this area is a Moon Mages ability to Backtrace, which allows the mage to trace a Locate back to the casting mage and his location.


An effective means of training Attunement as a Moon Mage is to periodically use the PERCEIVE MANA command. This method has a timer of approximately two minutes on gaining experience. Attunement experience is also granted in the normal course of spell casting or cambrinth use.