Merchant Square Refreshments

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Merchant Square Refreshments
Province Forfedhdar
Town Hibarnhvidar
Map Ranik's Map 116
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Outer Hibarnhvidar, Market Square]
Nestled in the corner beside the low stone wall is a wooden kiosk covered with painted wooden figures of Dwarves in traditional costumes and fanciful depictions of cave flowers. A long iron pole hovers out over the water channel with several ropes tied along its length. To the west is a brightly colored entrance that leads into the tent in the center of the market square.
Obvious exits: south, west.

Item Price Done
1. - Pure Mineral Water 10   
2. - Cold Dark Bowr 15   
3. - Chilled Goat's Milk 12   
4. - Soft Cheese and Flatbread 15   
5. - Spicy Goat Sausage 18   
6. - Cured Beef Sandwich 20   
7. - Cinnamon and Sugar Pork Chitlins 15   
8. - Fried Yam Chips 18   
9. - Hearty Moss Stew 25