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A Maker Mark is a stamp that allows a crafter to apply an identifying mark onto the wares he or she produces. The mark may be seen either when you LOOK at or ANALYZE an item that has been marked.


Forging of the mark requires the Maker Mark Design technique in the Blacksmithing discipline.

It is difficulty 06- Somewhat Challenging and uses 5 volumes of metal.

It is 3 by 1 by 1 spans.

The mark instructions are sold in the Forging Society, and may only be purchased if the buyer has sufficient prestige. The basic mark is earned as of Renowned status, the advanced (not yet implemented) at Famous.

Each set of instructions may only be studied once and therefore will only allow for the creation of a single mark. The stamp may then be used to MARK crafted items.

The mark's appearance is set by the purchaser of the instructions, not the actual crafter of the mark. This allows someone without the proper skill to make a mark to give the instructions to a crafter who does. Maker marks may not themselves be stamped with a maker mark.


Common Metal

Hardness Material
Speed Construction Tempered
80 80 08- v.effective 11- r.reinforced 16- u.resil
85 50 09- exc.effective 08- m.vulnerable 13- h.protected
90 25 09- exc.effective 03- q.fragile 05- p.weak

Rare Metal

Hardness Material
Speed Construction Tempered
95 70 10- ext.effective 10- a bit 15- e.resist
95 90 10- ext.effective 12- q.guarded 18- p.invulner


The syntax is MARK <item> WITH STAMP but may only be done for a short period of time after the completion of the item.

The stamp can only be used by the person who purchased the original instructions.

  • That doesn't appear to be your stamp. You consider the penalties the Society would impose upon you for such a transgression, and decide to stop the marking.

Marking items for work orders slightly increases the prestige gained upon completion.

Types of Marks

Advanced and Custom marks will eventually be restricted to disciplines which the mark user has chosen as a career or hobby.


Basic maker marks are available after approximately 150 hard work orders in any craft (or about 300 challenging), assuming no prestige decay due to time. They will impress the person's initials into the item.


These marks are not available yet, but will consist of a set series of design elements that can be combined to a unique mark.


Custom marks are available via alteration as of Hollow Eve 432. They are similar to the legacy marks granted under the old creation system.


Marks from the previous forging system can be converted to a complex mark by ORDER COMPLEX MARK from a mark vendor.

Stamping Restrictions

The stamper should be the one who did the majority of the work. Stamping someone else's work, especially in order to capitalize on the stamper's reputation, can result in loss of career, loss of mark, or banning from a society.


  • If a mark is placed on a piece of equipment, it must be found in some form in the final alteration, even only in the READ. This is true even if the marker is present to waive the restriction.
  • If a mark is not present on an item, there must be proof it was made by the person to add the mark in the final design. There appears to be a short window of time (a few days) in which it is possible to tell who made it even without a mark.[1]


  1. Personal alteration experience

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