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Clan MacUlrik

History of Clan MacUlrik

as told by Clan Historian Ianuilleam MacUlrik

And so it came to pass that Uilleam MacUlrik, son of Ulrik MacUlrik of the Clan MacUlrik left his home and traveled across Kermoria. In time, he found his way to the Barony of Therengia and found both his wife and his destiny, as a Paladin serving in Theren's army. Uilleam's wife was a fine strong dwarven woman, with a thick and full beard, and she bore him many sons; Uthgaar, Ianuilleam, and Gorkhan MacUlrik. Also they adopted Raagnar and Kovark, Kaldaran orphans.

Then did it come to pass that War came to Therengia, and all of Kermoria. A goup calling themselves the Outcasts, who had been banished from Ilithi some 600 years prior cut a swath of blood and destruction from one corner of the land to another, murdering any who stood in their path. And eating babies. Uilleam, in service of Baron Gyfford, fought in many battles, and was struck down horribly, while trying to protect fleeing innocent civilians, and walked the Starry Road.

Of the young MacUlriks, Raagnar was the tallest and youngest, Gorkhan was the weakest, refusing to train, and only wanting to sit around teaching his adopted brother Raagnar, and Ianuilleam was the strongest. Uthgaar ate too many cookies. Ianuilleam took for a wife the halfling empath, Aamina. Gorkhan kept to himself, teaching all day. Uthgaar chose for his wife the elven empath Synamon, who was very confused, and believed herself a prydaen, even though the fake ears and tail weren't fooling anyone else. And Raagnar, wishing to be like his brother Ian in all things did seek out an empath of his own, Elenytte, and managed to woo her because of, or possibly despite, the fact that she could see straight up his loincloth.

And so the MacUlrik Paladins did continue to serve Therengia, following their father's footsteps for many years, until the great snake Gyfford betrayed their father Sir Uilleam's memory, by taking a dirty Outcast whore for a wife. Thus did the MacUlrik brothers, Ianuilleam, Uthgaar, Gorkhan, and Raagnar uproot themselves from their home in Theren and set out into Kermoria, in search of a new home...