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Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime
       Name: Ianuilleam MacUlrik
       Race: Dwarf     Guild: Paladin     
Citizenship: Nowhere
  RP Stance: Medium
 PvP Stance: Open
      Quote: "Unleash the Hounds of Rutilor!"


You see Templar Ianuilleam MacUlrik, Knight of Elanthia, a Dwarven Paladin. Ianuilleam has steely grey eyes. His red hair is long and thick, and is worn braided. He has weathered skin.
He is young for a Dwarf.
He has a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on his upper lip and a thick beard twisted into three long braids.
He has a tattoo of a white rose encircled by a blood-stained thorny vine on his back.

He is wearing a gleaming silver helm, a silver kyanite gwethdesuan, a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, a silver medallion carved with tiny hounds, a pilgrim's badge, a brilliant green sack labeled "GREEN TEAM", a well-crafted white leather weapon harness trimmed with gold, a polished leather harness with a wide-bladed hurling axe and a dark iron war axe secured to it, a platinum-hued armor pack shot through with narrow strands of steelsilk, a storm-grey linen shirt with carved ivory buttons, some gleaming silver plate, a blackened pewter epaulet set with a cambrinth crest of the Paladin Guild, an intricately engraved silver token of a lady's favor adorned with trailing satin ribbons, a warrior's tower shield, some gleaming silver gauntlets, a twisted white gold friendship ring with faceted green glass beads, a shiny steel wedding band capped with a diamond shield, an albredine crystal ring, a platinum ring bearing the crest of the Paladin Guild, a braided leather belt pack with a large cambrinth buckle stamped "Defender of Justice", a black gem pouch, a black sheepskin sporran, a grey and scarlet plaid greatkilt with a wide leather belt, some bleached bone greaves, some rugged leather boots with steel buckles and an iron-banded parry stick with brown leather straps.


Ianuilleam is married to the Halfling empath Aamina MacUlrik. He has three brothers, Uthgaar MacUlrik, Gorkhan MacUlrik, and the Kaldar Raagnar MacUlrik (adopted). Extended family includes Uthgaar's wife, Synamon MacUlrik. The MacUlrik brothers also have an elf cousin Aules MacUlrik.