Lance rack (Shard)

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Lance rack (Shard)
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tack shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Found outside Milene's Rose Inn in Shard.

[Shard, Ruby Street]
Ruby Street cuts through the heart of the only section of Shard that survived the wars with the Dragon Priests, a fact that is readily apparent in the antique appearance of most of the shops here. One inn built of seasoned wood seems to be the main attraction of this section of the lane, a cherrywood sign painted with a black rose hanging over the door. Young children of the streetrat persuasion scamper past as they run out of or into a side street that leads to the inn's stableyard.
You also see a lance rack with a couple of things on it.
Obvious paths: north, south.

lance rack
Item Price Done
brass-capped lance equipped with a gleaming red-gold vamplate 122   
blunted lance wrapped in white and crimson silk 122