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Kyodan Lee MacDarragh
Kyodan 2.jpg
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime
Relatives Patryck (father), Syance (mother), Saphryna (aunt), Walcar (brother), Brennarose (daughter)

Chaos Cleric Kyodan MacDarragh

Ghost Hunter of The Locksmith Union


He has gold-flecked stormy grey eyes and a straight nose. His auburn hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn in a tousled, finger-combed style. He has tanned skin and a thin build. He is tall for a Human. Some snaggletoothed great white sharks float lazily around his waist, glowing with a lustrous sheen against his skin. His right wrist has a tattoo of a triskelion formed by a blacktip brine shark, a goblin brine shark and a blue brine shark positioned tail-to-tail. His constant companions are a tiny shadowy black jumping spider named Spidey, a scruffy black alcoholic rat named Rath,a boarlike boar named Chase and an alive goat pin named Vincent van Goat.


Kyodan's most prized possessions are his treasured Gore blade and a special midnight blue longcoat with a dark Drogor's Wrath sapphire on the collar. This ankle-length coat was made specially for him and is dyed the dark blue of a nighttime ocean and heavily embroidered along the back with the image of a volcano surrounded by a swarm of sharks. Lava spills down its craggy sides and appears to drip onto the words emblazoned beneath the scene. Wrought from luminous moonsilver, the words "Kyodan Seord, Chaos Cleric" exude an argent light. Securing the collar is a large Drogor's Wrath sapphire, pale striations within the cobalt-hued gem resembling whitecaps in a storm-wracked sea.


Kyodan grew up in Forfedhar and was raised by his parents, Patryck and Syance. Although he did not always go about it in the right way, he attempted to stand up for others and would try to help those who needed it. He was proud of his raising ability and would run all over the realms if it meant he could raise someone. He was not the best hunter in the world but that was due mostly to his admitted laziness, of which he was extremely proud.

Kyodan's soul was lost a few years ago when in an attempt to explore the void via the raise spell, he lost control and was cast out of his own body. It is believed another soul took possession of his body and disappeared. What became of the original soul is unknown although it is possible it still wanders the void or even may be trapped in a haze sapphire as they are belived to hold souls that have been imprisoned by Huldah. However, this turned out to be only a hallucination brought on by the shock of reaching middle age.

Kyodan had a blood related daughter named Brennarose Seord. However, Brennarose, though a cleric herself, was drawn to and took as a lover a necromancer and in doing so broke away from the Seord name and took on the last name of her lover, Al'thor. Both distraught and horrified by the thought of his daughter being in a relationship with a necromancer, Kyodan officially disowned Brennarose, having her name removed from the official Seord registrar.

After a few conversations, Kyodan has discovered that Brennarose is no longer an Al'thor nor any longer with her previous lover. Knowing that he himself has made mistakes (many) during his life, he realized he was being a hypocrite and has decided to recognize Brennarose as his daughter once again. He also realized that just because he doesn't approve of what someone does, blood will always be blood, and no matter what she does, Brennarose will always be his biological daughter. He is slowly talking with her again, willing to give her another chance.

After discovering that a former love of his named Eriniel had once again returned to the lands, Kyodan realized that he had another chance to be with her and asked her to marry him. She said yes and the two were due to be married. However, Eriniel has disappeared and no matter where he looks, she is not there. However, he believes she will return and the two will be together so he has decided to wait for her, no matter how long it takes.

Kyodan received news that his mother, Syance MacDarragh, had passed from both this world and the other. With both parents deceased, Kyodan is determined to not let the name and memories of his father and mother be lost time. He proudly retakes the MacDarragh name, after having joined his brother as a Seord. However, he has realized is isn't a Seord, and even though Walcar is his brother by blood, with the same mother, he is a MacDarragh by blood as well and will always be known by his full name of Kyodan Lee MacDarragh (Lee being his middle name).