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The koummya is variant of the Arabic jambiya, with curved double-edged blades.
Koummya blades are curved and double edged with the portion nearer the hilt remaining relatively straight while the curvature becomes pronounced in the half towards the tip. The length of the blade which is beveled and sharpened is longer along the concave side than along the opposite convex side. Blade thickness tapers from the base of the blade, where it is thickest, to the tip. While the edge bevels may give the blade a flattened diamond or lenticular cross-section towards the tip, the cross-section is rectangular at the forte. These blades are characteristically relatively thin and utilitarian and the presence of fullers or ridges is not typical.

The blade is typically made of plain non-patterned steel with a maximum thickness of 4.5 mm. (0.18 inch), beveled and sharpened along its convex side for the three-fifths nearest the tip and along the opposite concave side for the seven-eights nearest the tip.[1]


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Bronzed koummya inlaid with an ivory horned owlVisions of Holiness (1)Visions of Holiness (2)truetrue
KoummyaWooden Shacktrue
Koummya (2)Festival bandittruetrue
Koummya (crafted)false
Steel koummya dyed a rich buttery-gold hueHollow Eve Festival 417/Rafflestrue
Weapon:Bronzed koummya inlaid with an ivory horned owlVisions of Holiness (1)Visions of Holiness (2)true
Weapon:KoummyaWooden Shackfalsetrue
Weapon:Koummya (crafted)false


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