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A dagger is is a fighting knife with a sharp point designed or capable of being used as a thrusting or stabbing weapon.

Over the years, the term 'dagger' has been used to describe a wide variety of thrusting knives, including knives that feature only a single cutting edge, or, in some instances, no cutting edge at all. However, over the last hundred years or so, authorities have recognized that the dagger, in its contemporary or mature form, has come to incorporate certain definable characteristics, including a short blade with a sharply-tapered point, a central spine or fuller, and (usually) two cutting edges sharpened the full length of the blade, or nearly so. Most daggers also feature a full crossguard to keep the hand from riding forwards onto the sharpened blade edges. Another distinctive feature of the modern dagger is that it is designed to position the blade horizontally when using a conventional palm grip, enabling the user to slash right or left as well as thrust the blade between an opponent's ribs.[1]


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Adder-shaped sacrificial daggerRagged wind hagtrue
Assassin's daggerQuest for Kanton's Daggertrue
Assassin's dagger etched with a rearing dragonZhnaitrue
Battered bronze daggerGraverobber (1)Graverobber (2)truetrue
Birch-hilted dagger engraved with roaring lionsHollow Eve Festival 410/Rafflestrue
Black dagger inlaid with mother of pearlHollow Eve Festival 410/Rafflestruetrue
Black iron hunting dagger with an empty socket for the pommelAbandoned Dragon (2)true
Black throwing dagger with a rotting leather-wrapped hiltSpiraling Out of Controltrue
Black throwing dagger with a skull hiltSpiraling Out of Controltrue
Black-bladed throwing daggertrue
... further results


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