Item:Tenacious dergatine tugboat with a silverweave smokestack

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Incomplete Item
  • This item is incomplete, which means that while it is not a stub, it still lacks certain data or information.
  • Item Type, Infobox entry on internal size

tenacious dergatine tugboat with a silverweave smokestack
Look: Ivory and grey gossamer is pulled and tufted until it resembles soft clouds of smoke and then placed to rest just above the stiff smokestack of the small vessel.
Weight: 2 stones
Metal: Unknown
Appraised Cost: Unknown
  • This item is a container or has pockets.
  • This item is worn in the belt slot.
  • This item is part of the vanity pet system.
Capacity: ? length x ? width x ? height (? stones)
Sources: Source is Kitten Emporium (3), Kitten Emporium (2)