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Kesefa Leizecrauyo
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Trader
Instance Platinum
Relatives Mintlasa


Citizenship: Therengia
Deity of Choice: Kertigen

You are Expert Evaluator Kesefa Leizecrauyo, Owner of Therengia, an Elven Trader. You have a heart-shaped face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears, gold eyes and an upturned nose. Your platinum-streaked golden hair is very long and wavy, and is worn arranged in an intricate Elven braid. You have copper skin and a lissome figure.
You are a bit over average height for an Elf.You are an adult.

You were born on the 13th day of the 7th month of Moliko the Balance in the year of the Bronze Wyvern, 295 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer. You are wearing a chain balaclava, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a pair of tarnished spectacles, a skull-shaped copper earring, a platinum amulet inlaid with tsavorites in the pattern of an obelisk, an eyeless gold yak on a bit of frayed ribbon, a road-worn traveler's cloak, a porcelain jackal pin, a Trader Guild boutonniere displaying a Golden Treasure rose, a rose quartz brooch set in filigreed silver, an anloral raven pin, a raven-shaped obsidian pin, an elaborately bejeweled brooch of polished white gold that depicts the Sana'ati Dyaus, a porcelain jackal pin, a slender black ribbon, a pair of tin cufflinks, a canvas sack, an enameled zebra wing finch, a lumpy bundle, a sturdy backpack, an ivory silk blouse with delicate embroidery, a chain shirt, a battered Elven silver armband, some engraved elbow spikes, a target shield emblazoned with a jester's jovial face, a green crystal bracelet of evenly polished orbs, some wickedly spiked knuckles, some mail gloves, an albredine crystal ring, a carved bone ring, a wide leather utility belt embellished by a platinum crest, a black leather moneybelt clasped by a jade dragon, a medicine pouch made from the skull and hide of a cougar, a serrated belt knife, a large leather feedbag stitched with a plump yak, some black leather pants studded with ivory fangs down the sides, some chain greaves, a steel bolt box, a thigh quiver dyed in a brown and green camouflage pattern, some iron knee spikes, some pitted steel-toed footwraps, some black leather boots with carved bone clasps and a silver-hued parry stick with reinforced silken straps.


Kesefa is a Sand Elf originally from Muspar'i. Her father used to drive the Yeehars that go back and forth from Muspar'i to Hvaral, and he taught her about the care and driving of beasts of burden. This gave her the necessary talents to drive caravans. She worked at that occupation for quite some time, eventually saving up enough coins to strike out on her own, and become a Trader herself. At one time she was the business partner of Bahhgs, a S'kra Mur trader from Ratha, and when he was slain, she continued to maintain merchantile ties with his family.

About Kesefas mother very little is known, although it is rumored that she has relatives among the Bone Elves. None have ever made an appearance however - so the rumors have died down, much to the families relief.

She tried one business venture, purchasing a shop in the Trader Court in Crossing, however, the shop went bankrupt. This was mildly upsetting to her, but she put her business acumen to the study of blacksmithing.


You recall that you have a sturdy oak-trimmed cottage around Rossman's Landing, Grassy Courtyard. It is a freestanding home, with a window located in a middleclass urban area. Any race or profession can live in this home.
Home's Pet: a wiry-haired tricolor puppy.
Floor: a polished copperwood floor.
Attached: a gold and black tasseled rug.
Misc Furniture #2: a golden framed silk canopy bed.
Weapon Rack: a copper and patina weapon rack.
Attached: a longsword.
Attached: a chipped sabre.
Door: a door.
General Storage: an elegantly-carved ash closet.
Attached: a cambrinth ring.
Attached: a fine black ironwood abacus with faceted crystal beads.
Attached: a marble Elf figurine.
Attached: an onyx Elf totem.
Attached: a diminutive forest spirit.
Wall: a polished copperwood wall.
Attached: a pyrite Zachriedek carving.
Fire: a black steel brazier.
Misc Furniture #1: a high alabaster table.
Attached: a stack of traveler's handbooks.
Attached: a stack of Trader's handbooks.
Armor Stand: a padded velvet armor stand.
Attached: some tight-fitting leathers.
Attached: a stained bone skullcap.
Chair: a glossy copperwood chair.
Window: a large oak-framed window.
Scent: Dusty roads