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Status: Dead
Guild: Unknown
Race: Elpalzi
Gender: Female

"About 12 andu ago, she and Fariden encountered an Elpalzi woman, Kenla, on the Northern Trade Route. Kenla revealed that many Elpalzi were forced to fight under threat of death to themselves and their families, confessing that her four daughters were made to fight that day, all of whom were slain by Zoluren fighters. Aislynn said of it, "The sadness of a mother grieving for the loss of all of her children on the same day is... not something one can mistake." Kenla went on to tell that Geva has some means of sensing insurrection or disloyalty and expected her time would not be long. At the end of the conversation, Kenla was "torn apart by green fire," and her spirit was felt to walk the Starry Road." -- First Land Herald