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Jindala Thallo Jindala.png
Status Active
Race Rakash
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime

Intern Jindala Thallo, Gardener of Elanthia, a Rakash Empath (Pronunciation: jin-DAHL-uh THAHL-oh)

Jindala was born and raised in Siksraja, the Rakash village west of Langenfirth in Therengia. She is the oldest of 8 children and grew up surrounded by younger siblings, long lines of laundry, flocks of barnyard fowl, and plenty of chances for both maturity and mischief. She showed signs of empathic ability from a young age, becoming flustered and screaming to stop hurting her when others around her were harmed in some way. This grew into an interest in healing, and she began studying herbal remedies under skilled apothecarists in Siks as well as cultivating a garden of her own. She is a staunch vegetarian, claiming that she doesn't care to feel animals in pain any more than she does people.

Jin frequently found herself in scrapes as she entered adolescence, caught sticky-handed and usually the company of a pack of other young Rakash by the Defenders or dreaded Someone Else's Mother as she filched a handful of fruit from over a garden fence or a gulp of fratvarit from Dzirta Nars. As she reached maturity, she was hauled home by the ear one time too many, and her father put his foot down. She was embarrassing the family! Setting a bad example for the younger children! Wasting her potential! Hoping to separate her from other ne'er-do-wells and keep her too busy to find trouble, her parents arranged for her to study at the Empath guild in Crossing.

She is fascinated with Guildleader Salvur's study of the vela'tohr. Jin's greatest desire is to rediscover and reclaim the traditional plants that the Rakash were forced to leave behind when fleeing the West, particularly apple varieties. However, as word reached her mother's ears that perhaps her daughter was finding as much trouble in the big city as she did at home, Jin decided to pack up and seek adventure elsewhere. She was most recently sighted on the docks of Riverhaven, Aesry, and Lang inquiring enthusiastically about the state of people's internal organs.