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Status: Historical Figure
Guild: Paladin
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Associates: Syal, Hraige, Csilla, Dreldan, Medern
Relatives: Jenton
Jerthay was one of the original seven Paladin Councilmembers and the younger twin of Jenton. They joined the original three (Syal, Hraige, and Csilla) about five years after they began traveling. Jerthay was called to be a paladin first, but his fear of separation made him hide and reject his calling until his brother was called. In most documentation one name is usually associated with the other's. It is believed that they were so connected, that when Jerthay died of a plague, his brother did not live long after that. Early on, there were some campaigns that Jenton went on while Jerthay could not. The Paladin archivists have many letters between the brothers in these situations, and guild researchers learned much about the other councilors from these letters.