Jackals of Eylhaar

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Jackals of Eylhaar
This is an unofficial group
Province Base: Therengia
City Base: Riverhaven
Active Members: Arkalye
Website: None
Leaders/Council Other Members



Our Purpose

We are the Devoted of Eylhaar, bound together by our reverence to the Lady Eylhaar.
It is the duty of the Jackals that the teachings, blessings, and word of Eylhaar be spread through the realms. That those who live know it is Her promise that awaits them in the twilight of their life; it is She that comes for them with arms open welcoming and loving.

  • We are to comfort and console those mourning the loss of a loved one.
  • We are called upon by the Maiden to release those cursed with undeath from the lands and see that they find peace in the afterlife.
  • We are scholars, tasked with uncovering the lore, prayers, stories, hymns, and dogma of Eylhaar, so that we as well as the rest of her children may better serve Her, in this life and the next.


  • The Founding

The Jackals of Eylhaar were founded on the 2nd day of the 10th month of Nissa the Maiden (Day 362) in the year of the Bronze Wyvern (442), by Arkalye Starston, a Paladin of Eylhaar; Shakal Ellig, Priest of Eylhaar; and Cote Rudel, Empath of Eylhaar. They gathered together to study the Book of the Void, one of the only stories they could find about the Goddess Eylhaar. Through much research and consulting with historical texts and historians, they found a correlation between the time of the story, The Gift of the Maiden, and historical events. This led them to conclude that Eylhaar manifested in the Plane of Abiding on the 3rd day of Uthmor, an event the Jackals have dubbed the Eve of Mercy.

  • Cleansing of Gyfford's Bridge

On the 10th day of the 10th month of Nissa the Maiden in the year of the Bronze Wyvern 442, the Jackals of Eylhaar gathered first at Kweld Gelvdael in the heart of the Jackal, to ritually cleanse and pray for Eylhaar's guidance. Once finished with their prayers the Jackals set out to the newly built Gyfford's Bridge, tainted with necromancy in its construction. The Jackals could not abide such a dangerous taint on the land to be allowed to fester, so they set about cleansing it. For several anlas they anointed the bridge with holy water from the font within Kweld Gelvdael. They burned blessed incense and holy candles and the Priest Schakal prayed for Eylhaar to purify and bless the bridge and land around it. Tired and satisfied they had done all they could, Eylhaar's devoted Jackals slipped off into the night, no fanfare nor accolades waiting for them, knowing they merely did what She wished of them.

Coming Soon

3rd Day of Uthmor, 442 AV
The Jackals in partnership with the Crystal Players of Shard and The Order of the Dragon Shield, are holding a celebration of the Eve of Mercy. They are presenting their research and have commissioned a play accounting The Gift of the Maiden.