Item:Wooden wand with a silk-wrapped grip

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wooden wand with a silk-wrapped grip
Look: Images of brightly colored cupcakes are fancifully stitched into the silken grip.
Weight: 1 stones
Metal: Unknown
Uses: 5
Appraised Cost: 43,750 Kronars
35,000 Lirums
31,570 Dokoras
43.75 LTBpoints
43.75 Tickets
43.75 Scrips
  • This item is magical.
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Greeter Gifts, Be'ort shrine
The wooden wand has a definite magic pattern which you recognize as a Holy enchantment.
The pattern seems to involve Divine Intervention, a variant of the Glythtide's Gift spell.
You believe you could ADJUST, CLUTCH or WAVE the wooden wand. You could also ANALYZE it to view any custom options that may be set.
The wooden wand has <number> charges remaining.
[The wooden wand is currently toggled to custom mode.]
Potency Crystal:
Using a potency crystal on the wooden wand unlocks 2 additional categories of food as well as 3 additional custom food slots. The custom slots may or may not be pre-set. If not present, you will need to find a willing alterer to add new foods or drinks to use them!
Food/Drink Categories:
Tier 1: tarts (UNLOCKED!)
Tier 2: cakes (--LOCKED--)
Tier 2: lollipops (--LOCKED--)
Tier 3: live foods (--LOCKED--)
Tier 3: sandwiches (--LOCKED--)
Tier 4: bacon or ham foods (--LOCKED--)
Tier 4: alcoholic drinks (--LOCKED--)
Tier 5: non-alcoholic drinks (--LOCKED--)
Tier 5: random desserts (--LOCKED--)
- - - - -
Custom Food/Drink Slots:
Tier 1:
a blue-frosted cupcake topped with purple sprinkles (UNLOCKED!)
a green-frosted cupcake topped with pink spun sugar webs (UNLOCKED!)
a red-frosted cupcake topped with a chocolate spider (UNLOCKED!)
Tier 2:
Slot: (---LOCKED---)
Slot: (---LOCKED---)
Slot: (---LOCKED---)
Tier 3:
Slot: (---LOCKED---)
Slot: (---LOCKED---)
Slot: (---LOCKED---)
Tier 4:
Slot: (---LOCKED---)
Slot: (---LOCKED---)
Slot: (---LOCKED---)
Tier 5:
Slot: (---LOCKED---)
Slot: (---LOCKED---)
Slot: (---LOCKED---)
The wooden wand is currently tier 1 of 5. The next unlock will give 2 more food categories (total of 3) and 3 more custom slots (total of 6).
Infuser Stone:
An infuser stone will add 250 additional charges to the wooden wand.
You CAN use the infuser stone to add more charges! After applying the stone, the wand would have 255 charges.