Item:Pale ivory silk songbook clasped with a delicate silver moonflower

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pale ivory silk songbook clasped with a delicate silver moonflower
Look: Intricate silver embroidery depicts a tangled pattern of leaves which spreads across the smooth ivory silk. Pale opal moonflowers nestle amongst the leaves, miniature versions of the delicate opal and silver flower which clasps the songbook, securing the glossy pages within.

There appears to be something written on it.
The spine of the songbook reads:
""Moonlight Dreams""

Weight: 20 stones
Appraised Cost: 56,250 Kronars
45,000 Lirums
40,590 Dokoras
56.25 LTBpoints
56.25 Tickets
56.25 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is styled or has special functions for Bards.
Dimensions: 3 length x 2 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Bardic Barge (2), Bardic Barge (1)
  • OPEN: You release the clasp with a faint *click* and open your songbook to where the charcoal grey silk bookmark lies, the glossy pages reflecting your dedication from their unblemished surface.
  • CLOSE: You replace the charcoal grey bookmark as you close your songbook, fingers trailing softly across the smooth cover as the clasp catches, securing your valued treasures.
  • RUB when opened: You rub a bit of soot off a page that is singed and bloodstained. As difficult as it is to read the history recorded there, you bend your head and begin composing an epic about the occasion that caused it.
  • RUB when closed: You rub at a small wine stain on your songbook's cover with a look of chagrin on your face.
  • TAP when opened: You tap your fingers absentmindedly on one of the pages of your songbook.
  • TAP when closed: You drum a rapid beat on your songbook's cover with your fingers, thinking of lyrics to go with it.
  • STUDY when opened: You peer closely at one of the pages of your songbook, murmuring the printed words there under your breath.
  • READ when opened: Eh? The pages are blank!
  • STUDY when closed: You open the songbook and frown in concentration as you review a performance note, then carefully replace the charcoal grey bookmark and close it once more.
  • FOCUS (once): You flip through your songbook, looking at the familiar notations and well-worn pages with a mixture of fondness and sadness for the memories they bring. Glancing through each page, it occurs to you that you could remove all trace of yourself from the silk songbook if you were to focus your attention more completely upon it.
  • FOCUS (twice): You go back over each of the pages of your songbook, erasing old notations and carefully removing scraps of notes that have accrued over time. When it comes to the sections regarding the songs you have learned you gently remove those leaves from the songbook, making room for someone else to add their own notes. After the last traces of your presence are removed you gently close the cover, trailing your fingers over it with a faint tinge of regret.