Item:Miniature glitvire carousel filled with a menagerie of phantasmagorical creatures

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miniature glitvire carousel filled with a menagerie of phantasmagorical creatures
Look: Variegated purple and green flecks whorl through the dark, satiny wood composing the tent-like top and rotating circular base of this detail-laden amusement ride. Rows upon rows of fantastical monsters crowd within the structure, each unique beast carved from prized woods and adorned with precious metals and exquisite gems. Serving as the inner keep, a purple-tinged gloomwood throne displays a gory mosaic upon its tall backrest, the image that of a horde of rampaging, blood-splattered centaurs.
Weight: 5 stones
Appraised Cost: 850,000 Kronars
680,000 Lirums
613,360 Dokoras
850 LTBpoints
850 Tickets
850 Scrips
Special Properties:
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Spacious flat-top travel trunk plastered with numerous faded sideshow posters, Limited Treasures (1)
You think that the glitvire carousel is a castle to be used in siegery games.
The glitvire carousel does not belong to you. You can TURN it to become the new owner, if you are holding it.
You can DROP the glitvire carousel to use it for a battle.
You can POKE the glitvire carousel during battle to repair its outer walls, PULL it to repair its inner walls, and PUSH it to repair a siege weapon placed on its walls.
The glitvire carousel can be REPAIRed to its full health.



  • A chalk white gremlin sits down on the carousel's throne-shaped inner keep, emitting a muffled shriek as she is suddenly absorbed by the gloomwood chair. The inner keep begins to repair itself, accompanied by the moist sound of digestion.
  • A sickly green-skinned gremlin crawls out of the miniature glitvire carousel, clutching a treasureweave sack bristling with carpenter's tools. The hunched creature begins to repair the outer keep, mumbling and occasionally giggling as he works.
  • A trio of bright yellow gremlins dressed in ill-fiting clown costumes gabble loudly as they approach <siege engine>. Splitting up, one gremlin begins repairs, another shouts out orders, and the third tosses handfuls of black glitter into the air.


  • The glitvire carousel's inner keep suddenly collapses in a vicious cascade of destruction!
<player>'s glitvire carousel is completely destroyed! The battle is over!