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Inner Fire Weapons are very old Barbarian-only weapons, sold by the store Fiery Souls. For reasons that were never explained, a non-Barbarian trying to hold them would find that the weapon in question would burn (non-damaging) their hand and they would be forced to drop it.

The broadsword becomes hot, twisting in your hand as though seeking your blood. Startled, you drop it, stepping back quickly.
You lean toward the broadsword but as you get closer, it turns very hot, forcing you away."

Despite being rare, they are not highly sought after weapons, as they were no better than the common ones sold at Milgrym's Weapons.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Blackened steel scimitar etched with a silvery wolverineFiery Souls (1)Fiery Souls (2)truetrue
Blackened steel-capped ironwood staffFiery Souls (1)Fiery Souls (2)true
Bone-hilted sabre with an intricately engraved bladeFiery Souls (2)truetrue
Crude wooden club carved in the shape of a large boar's tuskFiery Souls (1)Fiery Souls (2)true
Curved silver laskeLugdon's Wagontrue
Dark steel greatsword with a centaur-shaped obsidian hiltFiery Souls (1)Fiery Souls (2)truetrue
Heavy steel flail with a leather-wrapped ironwood haftFiery Souls (1)Fiery Souls (2)true
Heavy warrior's hurling axeBasket of colored dartsFiery Souls (1)Fiery Souls (2)MegaSafari 413 game prizestrue
Jagged-edged cinquedea with a ruby-eyed viper hiltFiery Souls (1)Fiery Souls (2)true
Light damascene steel throwing axeFiery Souls (1)Fiery Souls (2)true
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