Imogen's Accessories

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Note: This shop is on the Street of Cloth Weavers

Imogen's Accessories
Province Therengia
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47
Owner Imogen
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, S'Kra Mur shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Imogen's Accessories]
A thick cloud of sandalwood incense engulfs your senses, hanging just below the low ceiling in a thin fog of blue smoke. The shop is heavily decorated, trinkets of brass and drapings of colorful silk littering every available surface. Imogen, though not present, makes her touch known through every nuance of her shop's vibrant display of undeniable -- style.
You also see a wall rack with several things on it, a tall cloak hook with a desert shroud on it, a simple low table with several things on it, a low cherry wood cushion stand with several things on it and a sign.
Obvious exits: out.

On the wall rack
Item Price Done
flowing uaro's'sugi of shining golden silk with a long fringe of braided bronze flax 40,000   !!
thin uaro's'sugi of billowing pale blue silk 8,000   
pleated uaro's'sugi of vibrant green silk 4,000   
diaphanous white uaro's'sugi peppered with tiny bellflowers 10,000   !!
draping uaro's'sugi of soft crimson silk 4,000   
thick uaro's'sugi of fine bronze silk 5,000   
A note reads: ~My fine uaro's'sugi are the perfect accessory for maintaining fashion while protecting the head from those pesky desert sandstorms! They are diaphanous enough to leave a clear view of the face, yet still protective against harsh winds. The long folds of glorious silk contain a small pocket suitable for storing a precious item. No self-respecting S'Kra would be without one outside the city!~
On the cloak hook
Item Price Done
desert shroud 20,000   
A sign reads: ~The desert shroud is of the finest spun wool imported from the west. It will protect your body from the harsh desert winds, and your face, if you so desire, from the prying eyes of onlookers.~
On the low table
Item Price Done
pair of deep scarlet silk house slippers 4,000   
pair of light cotton house slippers 2,000   
pair of silvery crushed velvet house slippers with a black silk fringe circling the ankle 10,000   
pair of royal blue brocade silk house slippers 4,000   
On the cushion stand
Item Price Done
cushion of pale gold silk embroidered with a great golden sun 2,000   
deep purple silver-tasseled silk cushion 1,000   
pristine white cushion of brushed Musparan silk 4,000   
tasteful black velvet cushion edged with a black silk ribbon 2,000   
cinnamon-scented cushion upholstered in deep red velvet 1,000