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Hide scrapers are crafting tools used in the Tailoring discipline of the Outfitting skill
See Crafting Tools for details.

Creation and Repair

Hide scrapers are created using the Proficient Outfitting Design technique from the Blacksmithing discipline.


Hide scrapers use hardness and weight to derive their potency (the greater the hardness the better).

  Durability Cap Speed Cap
Type Difficulty Weight Durability Speed Durability Speed
Store Bought -
<metal> Hide Scraper 1 - Simple 3 x density 12 - quite guarded 4 - very ineffective 3 - quite fragile 4 - very ineffective
Curved Hide Scraper 6 - Somewhat Challenging 3 x density 10 - a bit safeguarded 5 - not very effective 2 - very delicate 5 - not very effective
Serrated Hide Scraper 9 - Intricate 3 x density 3 - quite fragile 8 - very effective 1 - extremely weak 9 - exceptionally effective

Serrated scrapers reported in LC/HC orasteel

Store Scrapers

Due to having been used in the previous tanning system, there are a profusion of store quality scrapers available.

Item:Agate hide scraperfalse
Item:Bent-handled hide scraperfalsetrue
Item:Blackened silver hide scraper carved with a dancing faefalsetrue
Item:Brushed platinum hide scraper inlaid with a black-pearl ravenfalse
Item:Carved-bone hide scraperfalse
Item:Ebony hide scraper set with a wild boar carved from white jadefalse
Item:Flamewood hide scraper with a ruby-inlaid handlefalse
Item:Forged-steel hide scraperfalse
Item:Hide scraperfalsetrue
Item:Hide scraper with a leather-wrapped handlefalse
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