Hibarnhvidar Stables

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Hibarnhvidar Stables
Province Forfedhdar
Town Hibarnhvidar
Map Ranik's Map 116
Owner Kwint
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Horse shops, Tack shops, Stable shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Hibarnhvidar, Stable]
Solidly built of thick, expertly hewn and mortared rock, the stable provides snug housing and protection from the worst of the storms that sometimes sweep over the city. A thick layer of fresh hay blankets the stone-flagged floor, cushioning the horses' hooves as they pass in and out. In one corner is a large pen holding the horses and ponies currently offered for sale. You also see the stable door.

Animals for Sale
Item Price Done
[To look at an individual animal type ORDER to get a list of the beasts for sale and their corresponding numbers then type LOOK #.]
light chestnut horse 425,000   
red roan horse 425,000   
dun horse 425,000   
red roan pony 425,000   
light chestnut horse 425,000   
liver chestnut horse 425,000   
dark bay pony 425,000   
silver grey horse 425,000   
buckskin horse 425,000   

[Hibarnhvidar, Stable]
With a truly luxurious auburn beard, impressive even by Dwarven standards, Stableman Hvik presides over his small shop, offering all the supplies a horse owner requires to keep a steed in top condition. Occasionally muttering to himself in a basso profundo growl, Hvik busies himself day and night with keeping the items for sale in superb condition. You also see a large sign.

A large sign reads: "Ask me about TACK, FOOD, or GROOMING, and I'll show you the list of what you can ORDER from me today."

Item Price Done
bright scarlet caparison trimmed with heavy gold braid 1,750   
intricately tooled leather saddle 20,000   
thick scarlet wool saddle pad 1,000   
polished black leather halter 1,000   No
polished black leather bridle 1,500   No
felted scarlet blanket 1,500   
black leather lead rope 800   
Item Price Done
very large carrot 5   !!
cube of salt 10   
shiny red apple 10   DG
hay 45   !!
grain 2,000   !!
Grooming Supplies
Item Price Done
carved steel curry comb 250   
large mane and tail brush 300   
two-sided soft brush 300   !!
onyx-handled hoof pick 1,500   !!!!