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General information

Large edged weapons (known in 2.0 as heavy edged weapons) include all axes and swords that are too large to fit into a lower classification, but can still be wielded in one hand. These weapons are, almost without exception, reliant on high slice and impact damage to deal fairly large amounts of damage. The storebought models tend to be fairly effective, and forged weapons are readily available in a variety of styles.

Thanks to the category's iconic image and the effectiveness of its in-game statistics, Large edged is one of the most popular weapons in the game. Favored by nearly every guild except perhaps Thieves, the one-handed nature of the weapon makes it suitable for a variety of combat styles, including dual wielding, use in conjunction with a shield too large to strap to one's arm.

Spells and abilities that boost Large Edged

Spells and abilities that decrease Large Edged


Guild-specific abilities

  • Barbarians can WHIRLWIND with any pole or melee weapon. This will attack all targets within range of their chosen weapon (melee or pole), including hidden targets. Hidden targets will be pulled from hiding if hit by whirlwind. WHIRL can also be used on one's self or another to free the target from webbing. Requirements: 350 in the weapon skill and 32 agility.
  • Barbarians and Paladins can parry ranged weapons inside the range of the weapon they are holding.
  • Barbarians can dual-wield large edged weapons.

Recommended weapons

  • a broadsword (purchased in The Crossing)