Heart Link (2.0)

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Empath thumb.jpgEmpathGuild
Heart Link
Abbreviation: HL
Prerequisites: Blood Staunching
Minimum Prep: 1
Casting Cap: 20
Valid Spell Target: Other players or NPC's, creatures.
Description: The Heart Link spell establishes a connection between your heartbeat and that of your patient. You can use this link to slow down the rate their heart beats, and how fast they bleed.
Example Messaging: You gesture at <target>.

You link your heart's rhythm to <target>, and feel <his/her/its> heart shudder as its natural beat is forced to match your own.

Your heart continues its slow, steady rhythm.


  • HL will slow the rate of bleeding on both the casting Empath and the target, which can be a very useful effect.
  • Heartlink may be cast on multiple targets successively (one target per cast)
  • It is not stackable, nor does it refresh.
  • In order to cast Nissa's Binding, Heart Link must be in effect on at least one subject.

Cannot be cast when shocked.