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All races except Gor'Togs and S'Kra Mur can grow hair.

Styling Hair


where # can be any of the following options for your current hair style:
       1) loose
       2) loose, tucked behind his ears
       3) parted down the center
       4) parted on the side
       5) slicked back away from his face
       6) matted down on top in a serious case of "helmet hair"
       7) in a simple, loose style
       8) cropped short on top, longer in the back and sides

The demeanor command affects the ability of other characters to style your hair, or muss it up.

Brushing Hair

Requires a hairbrush or comb.

>brush hair with hairbrush You pull your brown hairbrush through your hair, brushing it out.

Wearing Items in Hair

There are a variety of items that you can wear in your hair to style it as well, such as:

hair comb
hair tie