Harawep Shrine 405

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Harawep Shrine 405
Event Guildfest 405
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Game

This game is similar to other Capture the Critter games. There have been multiple times the Harawep Shrine game has been seen with different prize pools each time, while this page documents the game played during the Guildfest 405.


  • When you see a bug, cricket, mantis, firefly, locust, hornet, scarab, beetle or dragonfly try to GET it when both hands are empty. You might miss, get knocked over, grab just a wing, get stunned, or actually catch it!
  • Bugs might escape your grip every ~10 seconds, so run fast!
  • When in the room with the Harawep Shrine, PUT the bug on it for a prize!






Magical Devices




  • a large platinum bar (15 plat lir)
  • a huge gold bar (2.4 plat lir)
  • a huge scratched emerald
  • a huge freshwater pearl
  • a huge flawed sapphire
  • a huge star sapphire
  • a huge alabaster egg
  • a large gold-encrusted quartz
  • a huge gold-encrusted quartz
  • a large onyx bead
  • a huge onyx bead
  • a chunk of glittering minerals


  • a shiny red cherry jelly bean
  • a light green gooseberry bean
  • a bright orange bean
  • a dark purple grape bean
  • a dark green lime jelly bean
  • a light pink strawberry bean