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Gryck Ormen
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime


Gryck Ormen is an Elven Warrior Mage. He is involved in the leadership of the Order of the Dragon Shield. He lives around the city of Riverhaven.

A soft-spoken and mild-mannered character, Gryck is frequently torn between assisting his friends in their antics and obeying the rules, whether they be the actual laws of the provinces or merely the frequently-shredded norms of decency and propriety.

He is married to Leika.

He is sometimes seen "guarding" Urwin on his official trips as an ambassador, although actual threats only very rarely appear during these functions.

He has been urged to consider a position on the Therengia Court, but declines to seek one on account of the fact that it would likely require him to leave Riverhaven, The Order of the Dragon's Shield's primary area of operation.