Goods For The Soul

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Goods For The Soul
Event Romancing the Seas
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms Unknown
Store Type Paladin shops, Shield shops, Weapon shops, Armor shops, Jewelry shops, Halfling shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Jaal Jeraya, Goods For The Soul]
Polished red oak sheathes the walls and floor of this small shop. Shields of varying sizes line the far wall, while assorted trays and racks display the merchant's other wares. You also see a carved bench with some stuff on it, a worn cherrywood wardrobe, an ironwood rack with some stuff on it, a very small table with some stuff on it, an engraved screen with some stuff on it, a solid silver rack with some stuff on it, and a silver-banded poplar door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the wall
Item Price Done
wood shield painted with a charging horse 1,500   No
heavy golden shield etched with the crest of the Paladin Guild 95,000   No
steel shield layered with dark copper flecks 4,375   No
silver banded tower shield etched with a mongoose curled around a rose 37,500   No
On the carved bench
Item Price Done
bone-handled war hammer embossed with a blackened crest of the Paladin Guild 10,675   No
steel mace with a sleeping mongoose carved on the handle 8,375   No
spiked iron axe with onyx studs inlaid in the handle 9,287   !!!!
On the silver tray on the carved bench
Item Price Done
silver cloak pin embedded with a tiny flawless diamond 12,500   No
braided gold epaulet embossed with the crest of the Paladin Guild 62,500   No
tri-colored ring bearing the crest of the Paladin Guild 15,000   No
white jade mongoose curled into the shape of a band 2,500   No
hammered bronze tailband with a line of dogs running down the center 4,250   No
silver thirteen-point star attached to a leather pony-tail hair tie 1,250   !!
In the cherrywood wardrobe
Item Price Done
midnight black warder's cordon with gold trim 2,625   !!
pair of steel-toed boots with black suede cuffs 4,860   No
rich burgundy and gold tapestry vest 1,250   No
pair of ankle high red leather boots with a low wedge heel 2,500   No
dark wool winter mantle lined with snow-white fox fur 3,125   No
ivory silk tabard emblazoned with a golden thirteen-point star 4,375   No
In the opened drawer in they cherrywood wardobe
Item Price Done
leather strap with a branded crest of the Paladin Guild 3,500   No
rich blue leather strap edged with gold trim 4,125   !!
soft white leather weapon strap embedded with green and gold jaspers 4,325   !!
On the ironwood rack
Item Price Done
dolphin-topped ebony standard bearing a sapphire blue banner 18,125   No
stout ebony standard bearing a black-and-white silk banner 25,000   No
stout olive wood standard crowned with a polished platinum dove and bearing an embroidered spidersilk banner 25,000   No
A polished plaque reads:
"We hope you enjoy these fine standards that were designed by Paladins Ciroce, Justinarius, and Talanovar."
On the small table
Item Price Done
amber-handled footbrush embedded with the crest of the Paladin Guild 2,500   No
worn oak-handled footbrush embedded with the crest of the Paladin Guild 437   No
scruffy pine-handled footbrush embedded with the crest of the Paladin Guild 437   No
ebony-handled footbrush embedded with the crest of the Paladin Guild 1,500   No
A smudged placard reads:
~Jest some stuffs I come across in m'travels.

Hastily scrawled is the signature: "Bungles Bunglefoot"
On the engraved screen
Item Price Done
colorful horse pinata 4,375   No
fierce-looking gryphon pinata 4,375   No
puffy shield pinata 4,375   No
stern-faced gargoyle pinata 4,375   No
shifty-eyed thief pinata 4,375   No
On the silver rack
Item Price Done
blackened steel plate with spikes protruding from brass shoulder guards 68,750   !!
hammered bronze battle plate with a dragon and a lion locked in deadly combat etched in silver 110,000   No
burnished silver plate with two peridots set within the eyes of an engraved lioness 125,000   No
burnished silver gauntlets edged with scintillating cuffs 2,500   No
hammered bronze gauntlets etched with rampant lions along the silvery cuffs 2,500   
blackened steel gauntlets with spiked knuckles 2,500   !!
hammered bronze battle helm with a silvery lion visage protruding from the forehead 3,725   No
burnished silver helm embedded with peridots that form a gleaming garland 87,500   No
blackened steel spiked helm embossed in bronze 15,625   No