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Race Rakash
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Platinum


Normal: Justinarius has jade eyes, dark brown skin, and wavy black hair usually worn tied back. Despite being of humble birth, he always dresses formally and takes meticulous care of his clothing and armor. He is seldom seen without some emblem or token signifying his devotion to Albreda.

Moonskin: Justinarius has jade eyes, a sable and silver coat with grey masking, and a slender tail. When in moonskin, Justin looses many of his inhibitions, becoming more carefree and unpredictable, and has even been known to go hunting with no weapons, armor, or clothing while in moonskin.


While Justinarius does believe in justice and order like most paladins, he focuses far more on his service and devotion to Albreda. Although an excellent warrior, Justin prefers to seek peaceful solutions to all conflicts first, and has a long history of going to extraordinary lengths to avoid unnecessary conflict. Above all else, Justinarius seeks to protect those who cannot protect themselves, by peaceful means where possible, by force of arms where necessary.

Affiliations and Activities

Before being knighted in the service of Zoluren, Justin served as a squire to Angar Direlord, a former Gorbesh spy and assassin who turned against his people to become a warrior in the service of Phelim. During the events revolving around Lord Sorrow, Angar formed a group of individuals dedicated to protecting Elanthia from extreme dangers such as those posed by Lord Sorrow, and along with the bard Dashery Araelyn, Justinarius was recruited to serve as the public faces and joint leadership of the group. When not rescuing kittens from trees or helping old ladies across the street, Justin works tirelessly to promote peace and prosperity throughout the lands.