Gnarled Dwarf peddler (1)

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a gnarled Dwarf peddler
Event Guildfest 398
Owner gnarled Dwarf peddler
# of Rooms -
Store Type Paladin shops, Jewelry shops
Restrictions Paladin, Trader
This store only accepts Lirums

ask dwarf about wares
Item Price Done
1. An iron amulet with tiny centaurs along the rim 50,000   !!
2. A silver amulet shaped like a dove 40,000   !!
3. A bronze amulet bearing the crest of the Paladin Guild 45,000   !!
4. A platinum amulet with tiny mongooses crafted along the rim 40,000   !!
5. A gold amulet fashioned to resemble a lion's head 60,000   !!
6. An ornate amulet woven with Elothean silk 65,000   !!
7. A simple gold amulet accented by a tiny jeweled turinstil 60,000   !!
8. A silver amulet depicting a mongoose fighting a goshawk 60,000   !!
9. A mistwood amulet resembling a shrew 55,000   !!
10. A sculpted copperleaf amulet resembling a dragon's claw 60,000   !!
11. A rosewood amulet with a burnished bronze setting 55,000   !!
12. A nightingale-shaped amulet 60,000   !!
13. A blackened ironwood amulet carved in the shape of an adder 60,000   !!
14. A crystal amulet cut into the shape of a heart 65,000   !!
15. A silver amulet crafted to resemble a dolphin 60,000   !!
16. A mirror-finished amulet crafted to resemble a tower shield 50,000   !!
"Just to be clear, all me amulets be designed to hold soulstones, but I ain't providin' them things," he adds. "Ye'll have to get yer own. Once ye have one, ye just need to put it on the amulet. Simple as that, it be!"

[To purchase something: ORDER # FROM peddler]

[To add a soulstone once you have an amulet, PUT SOULSTONE ON AMULET]