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Glorion Sibo-Diaka
Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime


Glorion Sibo-Diaka of the House of the Ivory Scroll, an Elothean.
He has a triangular face, sparkling milky blue eyes and a hooked nose. He has thinning white hair, with wrinkled skin and a thin build.
He is very tall for an Elothean.
He appears to be one of the Wise.
He has a long, narrow, evenly trimmed mustache that falls to either side of the mouth on his upper lip and a long, narrow elegantly trimmed goatee.


He is wearing a padded black hood, a padded black mask, a refined masamune sheath of blackened moonsilver tethered by an Elothean silk strap, a padded black shirt, a slender icesteel knife with a silk-wrapped hilt, some padded black gloves, an intricate silversteel shesegri ring interspersed with pale green svelae flecks, a lustrous animite ring set with a pale blue svelae, a black contract case, some padded black pants and some split-toed black cloth boots.

Public Information

The following information about Glorion is considered public knowledge.


Glorion is known to be the owner and guardian of one of the rare masamune blades.


a refined masamune sheath of blackened moonsilver tethered by an Elothean silk strap
Intricately etched into the eerily glowing metal is a complex shesegri pattern long used by the Elothean people as an aid for mediation. Spiraling around the entire sheath, the design rapidly confuses the untrained eye with a series of tortuous twists and turns. Clasps of dulled animite secure the dark grey silk strap to the sheath, affixed to the black jade at the collar and tip.

There appears to be something written on it.

A refined masamune sheath reads:

"Shoana ilet Lamiir Fenasta."


a damascened damite masamune with a curved black jade hilt inset with a massive dark conquerer's ruby
Flawlessly black, the slightly curving blade gleams darkly with a muted brilliance. The enormous weapon is nearly as long as an Elothean is tall, slender though heavy enough to cleave even the deadliest foe. The elaborate hilt is cunningly formed into the shape of a roaring dragon, its finely textured scales serving to enhance the wielder's grip. A single conquerer's ruby, the gleaming black of a starless night, rests in the dragon's grip. Along the length of the blade is the sword's name.

There appears to be something written on it.

A damite masamune reads:

"~ Sibo ~"