Gizgo's Engraving

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Gizgo's Engraving
Province Therengia
Town Therenborough
Map Ranik's Map 42
Owner Gizgo
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Engraving shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Therenborough, Gizgo's Engraving]
A short pine counter divides Gizgo's work area from the rest of his shop. Bleached animal hides, upon which are drawn carefully crafted engraving patterns, are nailed along the back wall of the shop. Near the front is a menu board listing all the patterns that Gizgo currently offers to potential customers. You also see the engraver Gizgo and a small sign sitting on top of the counter.

A small sign reads
All available patterns are listed on the menu. Only shields can be engraved.
No refunds! -Gizgo

Caraamon; Those type of shops are supposed to not work with crafted items, so as not to step on the toes of future PC artisans.

  • 1 adder: a slender adder posed in striking position with fangs fully bared
  • 2 albatross: a graceful albatross soaring above a wave-swept beach
  • 3 boar: a boar charging forward with its tusks lowered and bristles along its back raised as if in rage
  • 4 cat: an engraving of a cat curled up on an oval rug in front of a large stone fireplace
  • 5 centaur: a muscular centaur rearing back as he aims a spear at a distant target""
  • 6 cobra: an engraving of a cobra coiled upon a nest of leaves, her fanged mouth open in a silent hiss
  • 7 cow: a soft-eyed cow grazing contentedly in a meadow filled with wildflowers
  • 8 coyote: a lean coyote posed with one paw raised and head thrown back as it howls a song to the distant moons
  • 9 dolphin: an engraving of a sleek dolphin leaping through the curl of a foam-flecked wave
  • 10 donkey: a long-eared donkey standing placidly in a field that is carpeted with a thick fall of autumn leaves
  • 11 dove: a delicately-feathered dove sitting quietly in a nest woven of twigs and flowers
  • 12 goshawk: an engraving of a sleek goshawk streaking down in a plummeting dive through a cloudy sky
  • 13 heron: a long-necked heron balanced on one leg amongst a stand of cattails sprouting from the rippled waters of a shallow marsh
  • 14 jackal: a skinny jackal slinking through a clump of withered thorn-bushes
  • 15 king snake: a slender king snake slithering over a wide expanse of pebbled sand
  • 16 lion: an engraving of a pride of lions resting beneath the shade of a twisted ironwood tree
  • 17 magpie: a bright-eyed magpie snatching an ornate ring from an open jewelry box
  • 18 mongoose: an engraving of a sleek mongoose standing on all fours with one foot pressing down on the body of a serpent
  • 19 moons: the three moons of Elanthia rising from behind a craggy mountain range
  • 20 nightingale: a nightingale warbling a joyful song to a starry sky
  • 21 owl: a large-eyed owl perched on the branch of a rowan tree
  • 22 ox: a large heavy-bodied ox charging through an open field
  • 23 panther: a supple panther slinking through the slender stalks of a stand of hulnik grass
  • 24 phoenix: an engraving of a full-crested phoenix rising from a profusely flowered fire-thorn bush
  • 25 raccoon: a thickly-furred raccoon poking an inquisitive nose into the rippled water of a mountain stream
  • 26 ram: two rams, horns locked in a head to head duel, posed on the tip of a rocky promontory
  • 27 raven: an enigmatic looking raven perched on the edge of a crumbling stone wall
  • 28 scorpion: an engraving of a fiercely clawed scorpion posed with its tail looped high over its head
  • 29 shark: a razor-toothed shark turning sharply past a clump of seaweed as it moves to attack a solitary fish
  • 30 shrew: a tiny shrew, fangs fully bared, attacking a horny-plated beetle nearly twice its size
  • 31 shrike: a scraggly-feathered shrike perched on the skull of a rotting human corpse
  • 32 spider: an engraving of a large spider crouched in the center of an intricately woven web
  • 33 unicorn: an engraving of a spiral-horned unicorn galloping gaily through a field of wildflowers
  • 34 viper: a heavy-bodied viper striking at the foot of of a fleeing yak
  • 35 vulture: an engraving of a vulture perched upon the body of a fallen warrior, tearing at the flesh of his stiffened corpse
  • 36 weasel: a slender weasel emerging from a hole between two rough-edged boulders
  • 37 welkin: a shadowy little figure reaching into a bowl of milk to snatch a crust of bread
  • 38 wolf: a steady-eyed wolf standing silent watch from the jutting pinnacle of a sloping hill
  • 39 wolverine: a sharp-toothed wolverine crouching down with head bent low and mouth open in a silent snarl of rage
  • 40 wren: an engraving of a cheerful looking wren perched on the tip of a flowering branch
To select a pattern, ORDER by number. For example
If you wish to order an engraving of a cat, ORDER 4.
Engraving costs 6 gold lirums. No refunds or exchanges.