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Geneiveve Beaulieu
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime



You see Veri Tervia Geneiveve Beaulieu of Ilithi, an Elf.
She has an oval face with a generous mouth, pointed ears, limpid blue-green eyes and dimples. Her ash-blonde hair is shoulder length and wavy, and is worn in an artfully tousled style threaded with some tiered crystal strands of glittering frost opals.
She has tanned skin and a slender figure.
Some carved black jade cats float lazily around her waist, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her skin.

She is wearing an elegant gold locket crafted from ornate filigree resembling a stylized sun, a five pointed star-shaped moonsilk haversack clasped by an exquisite moon pearl, a prim violet cashmere longcoat lined in silvery-black silk, a halter-neck moonsilk shirt, an Elven silver hip-chain dangling iridescent opals, a silky white pouch stitched with "SUGAR" in loopy red script, a pair of moonsilk slacks belted with icy blue chiffon, a delicate ankle bracelet hung with healing herb charms carved from cambrinth, and a pair of dainty sandals with moonsilk straps.


Geneiveve was born and raised in the Horse Clan, like most of her Wind Elf bretheren. Her mother was a Ranger, her father a Cleric. They instilled in their daughter the values that were important to their family: Loyalty, gentleness, respect and courage. Being the youngest, Geneiveve was doted upon, and though the people of her clan worked hard for what they had she never wanted for anything.

At a young age Geneiveve expressed the desire to train as an Empath. One of her father's sisters was an Empath who lived in the nearby city of Shard, and so she apprenticed under her until she was of age to join. Wanting to get out and explore the world, she decided to move in with her elder brother Rikavian, who had married and settled in Zoluren.

Geneiveve met a human Bard named Khash during her daily healing rounds. She was immediately enamored by the handsome yet quietly reserved man, and sought out friendship. Their friendship grew into love, and in the year 400 A.V. he asked her to marry him. The couple performed a private bonding ceremony on the shore of the Segoltha river.

OOC Facts

  • Having always been envious of the fashionable clothing worn by women who lived in the city, Geneiveve quickly picked up this manner of dress over the traditional clothing of her clan.
  • Has a fondness for animals, especially horses, and loves to visit the local Ranger guilds to watch the elder Rangers train horses or their companions.
  • Likes to collect dove themed items, as her heart name is "Dove".


  • Geneiveve doesn't speak much of her religions beliefs.