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The gamantang is an informal or "house" coat traditionally worn by the S'Kra Mur. Loosely cut, it features long sleeves, usually folded back to mid-forearm in a wide cuff, and a slit running up the back to allow for freedom of the wearer's tail. In recent times, the gamantang has become a popular outer garment.

For ceremonial occasions, the gamantang is specially crafted with the wearer's representational colors/icons embroidered onto it. For these occasions, gamantangs are generally layered, with a dark color beneath and a lighter color(s) on top. The fabric can vary, so long as it's soft and usually somewhat diaphanous. The top layer is almost always silk. In cold weather, the bottom layer is quilted cotton or silk. (S'Kra Mur weddings often take place in the fall.)


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Austere scalene gamantang with a high collarHashal's Haventrue
Billowing silvery silk gamantang painted with tiny black flowersNaarti'hhs'naartintrue
Billowy gamantang of desert-tan silkRizadi's Outfitters (1)Rizadi's Outfitters (2)truetrue
Black cotton gamantang with a stylized cobra emblazoned across the backBacon Man's Birthday Bash 419/Pig Mazetrue
Bright saffron silk gamantang spangled with tiny amber charmsPi'botuk Pel'arsharratrue
Cotton gamantangCharacter Managertrue
Dark cobalt silk gamantang laced down the back with cerulean ribbonsPi'botuk Pel'arsharratrue
Dark copper silk gamantang overlain with pale khiynitShh'oi Mhhgtrue
Dark green silk gamantang masterfully embroidered with large golden flowersTurialo's Haven (2)Turialo's Haven (4)Turialo's Haven (8)true
Deep purple frieze gamantang buttoned with iolite addersHollow Eve Festival 428/Rafflestrue
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