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Fire and Ice
Event Magma Falls Mini-Festival
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Magic shops, Jewelry shops, Clothing shops, Hider shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Fire and Ice, Entrance]
Smooth drapes of contrasting cloth make up the walls of this large tent, which is laid out in a large triangular shape. Spiraling poles painted in hues of gold and purple as well as silver and cyan hold up the multihued ceiling. Two long, narrow carpets contrast each other with shades of icy blue and fiery red. You also see a tent flap and a simple wooden stand with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest.

Note: The following items are not magical and can be used by Barbarians without penalty.[1]

See Item Hider for more information on magical and non magical hiders.

On the wooden stand
Item Price Done
A small note reads:
"The items on this stand are designed to hide gwethdesuans. To hide your gweths, wear the item and TURN it to arrange it correctly."
dark blue velvet shawl shot through with strands of silver and platinum 37,500   !!
wide leather headband 12,500   !!
blue satin headband artfully decorated with white snowflakes 50,000   !!
fine golden circlet made from a myriad of twisted strands 50,000   !!
elegant green silk hat adorned with knotted silver trim 15,000   !!
wide-brimmed hat crafted from dark blue suede 13,750   !!
red velvet shawl banded with a thin golden ribbon 25,000   !!
simple silver circlet with a wide band 18,750   !!

[Fire and Ice, Mystic Flames]
Vibrant colors draped over the tent walls in shades of red, orange, yellow and pink incorporate light fabrics such as silk, satin and chiffon. Several small chairs are set out, upholstered in the same colors and placed on several flame-colored carpets scattered carelessly across the floor. A large yellow banner hangs on the eastern wall, stitched with a majestic phoenix with unfurled wings. You also see a narrow flamewood counter with some stuff on it, a long firesilk-draped table with some stuff on it and a small cloak rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southwest, west.

On the flamewood counter
Item Price Done
twisted velvet belt wrapped with a thin silver cord 31,250   !!
wide damask belt stitched with the image of a fiery phoenix 37,500   !!
elegant snakeskin belt clasped with two gleaming silver fangs 50,000   !!
wide leather belt branded with a pattern of dancing flames 25,000   !!
braided satin sash made from alternating orange and red strips 50,000   !!
ornate silver belt elegantly crafted from chainmail links 62,500   !!
wide steelsilk sash dyed in a pattern of ashen grey hues 87,500   !!
burnt orange firesilk belt decorated with topaz beads 100,000   !!
finely braided leather belt evenly studded with glittering black diamonds 187,500   !!

Note: The following gweth hiding items are magical, but can be used by Barbarians. However, they use up charges twice as fast.[2]

On the firesilk-draped table
Item Price Done
A small note reads:
"The jewelry pieces on this stand are enchanted to hide gwethdesuans. To activate the magic, TURN it while wearing it. Each piece holds twenty charges, and can be recharged by a Moon Mage."
fine golden torque inset with cabochon fire opals 15,000   !!
embossed leather bracelet deeply dyed in fiery scarlet hues 7,500   !!
ornate electrum pendant set with a large square-cut ruby 11,250   !!
intricate silver anklet inset with a row of dark red quartz crystals 10,000   !!
small animite ring 625,000   !!
ornate platinum armband etched with an elegant pattern of stylized flames 62,500   
thin golden circlet set along its length with a row of thin ruby shards 15,000   !!
On the cloak rack
Item Price Done
woven damask mantle sewn along the back with a dark red dragon - Hides inventory 43,750   !!
fine leather cloak stained in crimson and violet shades - Hides features 37,500   !!
dark red suede greatcloak carefully painted with shimmering gold knotwork - Hides inventory 25,000   !!
floor-length velvet greatcloak made of shifting layers of red and violet - Hides inventory 37,500   !!
fine satin cloak stitched along the back with the image of a forest fire - Hides features 25,000   !!
heavy doeskin mantle adorned with an ornate flame-shaped clasp - Hides inventory 12,500   !!
deep yellow firesilk cloak embroidered on the back with a shining sun - Hides features 100,000   !!
ash-grey spidersilk cloak artfully edged with a thin black ribbon - Hides features 75,000   

[Fire and Ice, Ethereal Frost]
Shades of blue, purple and indigo grace the walls and roof of this small enclosure, draped in heavy velvet, satin and wool fabrics that block out any light from the outside. Hanging from one of the counterpoints at the top of the tent is a small gaethzen orb set in an icy blue lantern. Hung upon the western wall is a small damask banner of a rearing unicorn with ivory hooves. You also see a silver jewelry stand with some stuff on it, an ebonwood shelf with some stuff on it and a fine silverwood table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east, southeast.

Note: The following gweth hiding items are magical, but can be used by Barbarians. However, they use up charges twice as fast.[3]

On the jewelry stand
Item Price Done
A small note reads:
"The jewelry pieces on this stand are enchanted to hide gwethdesuans. To activate the magic, TURN it while wearing it. Each piece holds twenty charges, and can be recharged by a moon mage."
thin silver circlet set with a faceted ice-blue diamond 37,500   !!
white gold wedding armband artfully curved into fanning spirals 25,000   !!
elegantly carved platinum wedding band set with a small diamond 62,500   !!
wide crystal anklet carved to resemble melting ice 50,000   !!
fine animite necklace displaying delicate white crystals 1,250,000   !!
small chain bracelet set with dangling crystal teardrops 18,750   !!
Elven silver torque carved with elegantly blackened spirals 12,500   !!
On the ebonwood shelf
Item Price Done
midnight blue nightsilk cloak stitched with pure white swans - Hides inventory 50,000   !!
Elven silk robe adorned with silver knotwork at the sleeves - Hides inventory 125,000   !!
icy blue robe dyed at the edges with a muted purple shade - Hides inventory 50,000   !!
dark blue dress robes stitched with a pattern resembling cracked ice - Hides inventory 43,750   !!
fine floor-length robe layered with blue chiffon over black velvet - Hides inventory 62,500   !!
flowing white gown belted with a thin cord of twisted silver satin - Hides inventory 37,500   !!
marbled silk gown dyed in blending hues of purple and indigo - Hides inventory 75,000   !!
pale blue satin robe silkscreened with a pattern of water lilies - Hides inventory 43,750   !!
dark grey steelsilk cloak lined with a stark white interior - Hides inventory 37,500   !!
floor-length leather cloak embossed at the edges with silver-filled ivy - Hides inventory 25,000   !!
On the silverwood table
Item Price Done
loose-fitting cotton shirt adorned with silver knotwork embroidery 10,000   !!
wide moonsilk sash fastened with a pin resembling the moon Xibar 87,500   !!
pale blue satin bandana adorned with symbols resembling celestial sigils 25,000   !!
snowy white damask mantle edged in light grey rabbit fur 37,500   !!
loose-fitting trousers decorated with white satin snowflakes 25,000   !!
ice-blue satin bodice adorned at the seams with marquise-cut white crystals 43,750   !!
silver-edged purple shawl of subtly shifting shades 50,000   !!


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