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Fippleton Fulsofellow
Status Active
Race Halfling
Gender Male
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime
Celebrant of Glythtide, hedonist, and fighter of undead.


You see Fippleton Fulsofellow, Celebrant, an Olvi Cleric. He has a round face, wide-set hazel eyes and a freckled nose. His strawberry hair is short and thick, and is worn in a simple, loose style. He has rosy skin and a plump build. He is slightly under average height for an Olvi.

Disposition and Mannerisms

Fippleton has a generally warm demeanor and genuinely enjoys the company of nearly everyone, even of those who work to please Damaris. His voice is usually full of joy and laughter, and the happiness of life lends a constant spring and quickness to his step. He likes sharing food, drink, jokes, smoking, conversation and the comforts of home. Fippleton could care less about money beyond what little is needed for creature comforts. Hunting is not a high priority for him, but he takes his clerical duties seriously and engages in combat against any foes deemed wicked by the Immortals.


He is wearing a deeply cowled monk's robe, a pilgrim's badge, a silver grey wand belt, a silvery haversack, some light armor, and a small shield.


Fippleton hails from an upper middle-class family. His father is a successful Trader. His mother cares little for the adventuring life, although she has a good reputation as a seamstress. Fippleton shares his mother's knack for working with fabrics and his father's love for travel. But Fippleton was particularly moved by the presence of the shrine to Glythtide in Arthe Dale. And that turned out to be Fippleton's true calling.

And so Fippleton preaches as journeys from one holy place to the next, diligently cleaning and praying between meals. Much of his modest income is tithed to the church and what he keeps is often used for warm food, good drinks, and tobacco for his pipe by fireside in the evening.


Life to ye all!

Wouldn't you like a drink?

I hope you don't mind if I smoke.

I like things simple: I clean altars. I dance. I pray ... and good things happen.

Why doesn't everyone want to be a Cleric of Glythtide? He loves it when we eat, drink, and be merry.


Hunting undead is a duty I perform to honor the wishes of the Immortals. I like using a staff sling and a chain.