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FIGURE <self>

You see: You blink dazedly for a moment as you try to figure out what you were just doing.
Others see: <Person> blinks dazedly for a moment as though <he/she>'d forgotten what <he/she> was doing.

FIGURE <Person>
You see: You cock your head and blink at <Person> as you strain to figure out what <he/she>'s doing.
Others see: <Person> cocks her head and blinks at you in complete puzzlement.

Figure is used with specific items to calculate currency conversions between Kronar, Lirum, and Dokoras.

Estate Holders

Estate Holders can use their bank books to calculate what a certain amount of one currency would equal in another. For instance, they can see how much 5 platinum Kronar would be worth in Dokora or Lirum.

  • FIGURE BOOK EXCHANGE: Shows current exchange rates
  • FIGURE BOOK <amount> <cointype>: Displays the value in other currencies


All Traders that own an abacus can use it to calculate the currency values, similar to the way the Estate Holder bank books work.


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