Field of Shields

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Field of Shields
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Aesry Surlaenis'a
Map Ranik's Map 99
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Shield shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Field of Shields]
Shields of all shapes and sizes line the walls. Some are nicked and scarred from years of use -- trophies of war. Others are bright and clean -- trophies of art. Daylight streams through the wide open windows, brightly illuminating the shop. A sleepy S'Kra Mur clerk smiles politely as he directs entering customers toward the various displays.
You also see a polished oak stand with several things on it, an ironwood rack with several things on it and a silverwood table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: out.

On the oak stand
Item Price Done
icy-white ironwood buckler featuring a dark grey stormcloud - medium (fair hindrance) 25,200   !!
forest green oval shield decorated with a snarling brown wolverine - medium (moderate hindrance) 12,000   !!
grey tower shield divided by a turquoise cross - large (significant hindrance) 24,000   !!
blue ironwood kite shield embossed with a gold-plated crescent moon - large (noticeable hindrance) 35,000   !!
pale silver buckler branded with the outline of a sea-tossed caravel - medium (fair hindrance) 10,800   !!
white oval shield embossed with a rearing stallion - medium (moderate hindrance) 12,000   !!
crimson kite shield embellished with a trio of blood-red teardrops - large (noticeable hindrance) 15,000   !!
silver tower shield painted with a white dove - large (significant hindrance) 24,000   !!
On the ironwood rack
Item Price Done
dark ironwood buckler stenciled with the image of a grinning white skull - medium (fair hindrance) 25,200   !!
tower shield painted in quadrants of red and black - large (significant hindrance) 24,240   !!
simple buckler embossed with a steel star - medium (fair hindrance) 10,800   !!
gleaming silver kite shield limned with the image of a seaborne galleon - large (noticeable hindrance) 15,000   !!
plain ironwood kite shield branded with the image of a fierce shark - large (noticeable hindrance) 27,400   !!
dull grey oval shield starkly painted with a black horned skull - medium (moderate hindrance) 24,000   !!
pale blue oval shield embossed with a polished steel dolphin - medium (moderate hindrance) 24,000   !!
tower shield painted in quadrants of blue and gold - large (significant hindrance) 24,240   !!
On the silverwood table
Item Price Done
white tower shield embellished with a simple blue circle - large (significant hindrance) 28,000   !!
dark gold ironwood buckler embossed with a snarling silver tiger - medium (fair hindrance) 21,600   !!
white kite shield featuring a stylized red la'tami - large (noticeable hindrance) 15,000   !!
orange oval shield embedded with black steel studs in the shape of a grinning face - medium (moderate hindrance) 14,000   !!
pale yellow buckler painted in a simple style with a white chicken - medium (fair hindrance) 10,800   !!
midnight blue tower shield embedded with nine golden stars - large (significant hindrance) 28,000   !!
purple oval shield embossed with a blue unyn centered on a thin web of white paint - medium (moderate hindrance) 14,000   !!
black ironwood kite shield stenciled with the image of tumbling white dice - large (noticeable hindrance) 3,000   !!