Ferashi'ini's Forge

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Ferashi'ini's Forge
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47
Owner Ferashi'ini
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops, S'Kra Mur shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Ferashi'ini's Forge]
Smoke fills the air as Ferashi'ini toils over his anvil in front of a massive brick forge, creating weapons with precision and skill. His apprentice works by his side, keeping his master stocked with the supplies he needs and stoking the bellows to keep the fire raging. Underneath a soot covered sign, several finished weapons have been mounted upon a display wall, their blades gleaming in the light of the fire.

Obvious exits: out.

On the display wall
Item Price Done
acid-etched tei'oloh'ata 7,500   
dark steel stiletto 7,200   
steel shh'oi'ata 25,000   
iron kudalata with a jade hilt 10,000   
silver-inlaid uku'uanstaho 42,000   
steel nehdalata 20,000   !!
curved nehlata 12,000   !!
ironwood-hafted hhr'ata 4,000   
steel uenlata inlaid with silver sunbursts 5,500   !!
black steel hhr'tami 5,000   !!
steel short sword inlaid with black onyx 9,000   !!