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This is a Simutronics run paid quest. Tickets are purchased with SimuCoin. This event was released in 415 (February 2015).

Official Description

Once they were respected by craftsmen, artisans, merchants, and even nobility. Their network of associates sprawled throughout the known lands, and occasionally beyond. Vanassa's deft hand guided the Estate Holder Council for decades, creating a powerhouse of influence that only reinforced their ties with trade and development.

Vanassa retired from the day-to-day duties, trusting in the knowledge the other Council Members had acquired over the years to continue guiding the organizations efforts to the benefit of all. That trust may have been misplaced. When disaster struck the merchant fleet, the Council botched the search and recovery efforts, leaving the 'lucky' survivors stranded in the wilds now known as Fang Cove for years! In the wake of their missteps, the remaining Council members have grown quiet, and their once vast network has crumbled. Merchants have spoken with contempt about broken promises, and some have sworn to never work with the Council again. Yet still, in far corners, words of hope and encouragement can be found.

Rumors say that Vanassa has reached out personally in an effort to begin restoring the faith that was lost. None claim to have seen her directly, but such is the way of rumors. It's always a friend or a relative that had the sighting. Whether it truly is Vanassa or not, SOMEONE has quietly organized a festive gathering of games and special prizes. The whispered tales claim the gathering will be along Fang Cove's Fate's Fortune Lane, but there's talk of a special guest list.

What's the purpose of this gathering? How long will it remain? Is the Council truly trying to restore its credibility, at long last? Maybe the answers can be found among the games and happy visitors. Would you like to find out?

Event Information

The staff of DragonRealms is proud to announce a NEW type of adventure!
Using the Simucoin store and the newly added pass mechanics, you can now visit this special area of Fang Cove (even non-Premium subscribers!) to play games, collect items and visit with friends whenever you want, day or night! There's no need to coordinate a particular time and date through the box office!
Fate's Fortune's Games will include the RANDOM appearance of special alterers, contests and more! Given the short-term duration of the pass and the area's being open 24 hours a day, we can't promise any of these will happen while you personally visit. However, we'll do our best to send some kind of notification either in-game or via our social media (see NEWS 1 13!) when something special is happening! Some merchants may wish to surprise current visitors, so there may not always be a heads up!
To participate, follow these simple steps:
1) Visit the Simucoin store and purchase a Fate's Fortune's Games ticket.
2) Use SIMUCOIN DELIVER in game to claim the invitation.
3) Seek out the uniformed representative located next to the Wedding Portals (see NEWS 4 1 for locations). You must be standing with one to activate the pass, so you don't lose any time!
4) Activate your pass (via the REDEEM verb) and ASK REPRESENTATIVE ABOUT ACCESS.
5) Play games and have fun while the pass lasts! You can always get more to keep playing!
Games are more fun with more players, so be sure to bring some friends along! You can gift, sell and trade the invitations in game! Don't forget to take plenty of Dokoras with you for the games!

Additional Information

  • This is a copy of the Fang Cove area, if you travel via the mammoths or portal to the real Fang Cove, you won't see the games.
  • Wherever you ask the representative about access at is where you will be returned when your time is up. Likewise, if you run out of coins or need healing, you can use the archway to get back to where you came from for a bank run!
  • At least one of the games can be deadly -- the mechanics should work like Hollow Eve and allow you to keep your coins when departing. When you depart, it's a fast (and safe!) trip back.
  • Go forth and have fun! There are several games to play, and their odds and prices change from time to time. There's several hundred potential prizes, and many that are unique (they won't be copied). There's also a cage of wrangled clockwork assistants you can hunt to claim the top spot from The Pitmaster!
  • Live events are a possibility -- we may take a little time early on to observe and make sure things are working properly, but if we bring in alterers, special games, raffles or other activities, we'll try to give a heads up!
  • The original post for this release can be found here.
  • While you are on the quest, you can check the current amount of time you have remaining by doing an INFO. You'll note a new line in the display, for example:
You have 1 active purchase:
Fate's Fortune's Games, expiring Mon Feb 16 10:10:49 ET


Not all games are available at all times, and the costs of games can change from 500 to 10,000 Dokora. The amount a game costs at a particular time determines your chances of getting a higher tier prize (but all games are always capable of giving a higher tier prize).