Empath Guildhall (Aesry)

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This Empath Guildhall is found near the center of Aesry, SE a few rooms from the bank on the southern side of the 1st tier near the hospital. The guildleader, who splits his time between Aesry and Ratha, is Alris.

The Aesry Empath Guild Crest:

the Aesry Surlaenis'a flag with an open hand reaching out to provide comfort in the center of the dark blue circle

[Empath's Guild, Courtyard]
The green courtyard is planted with low-growing herbs -- yarrow, thyme, and pennyroyal make a carpet of fragrant softness. A carved urn filled with cool, clear water reflects the sunlight and any breeze sends ripples over the surface. Several benches, some in the sun, and one shaded beneath a butterfly bush, invite one to rest and contemplate the peace here.
You also see a wooden podium with a piece of white parchment on it, a large sliding paper screen to the west, a renown scroll and a divided wooded gate.
Obvious exits: south.


note: there is also water to gather from the urn.

from outside the gate, sw, climb tree

[Among The Rowan Branches]
The dense branches shelter this perch upon the limbs, with a glimpse of the lake visible through one open bough. The nearby hospital lies within the shade of this towering tree, and although the ground is far below, many more branches rise overhead to dizzying heights.
You also see the tree trunk.
Obvious exits: none.